Dana DiponioYoga Teacher Training in Ostional

” I laughed, I cried…and I did handstand! What an experience this has been! There are not enough kind words to describe Edwin and Catarina. Not merely our hosts and teachers, but they have grown to feel like a part of my family. They are amazing humans with hearts as big as Nicaragua! What they have created in Ostional, Nicaragua is truly one of a kind.A teaching/learning space where you are surrounded by nature at it’s finest, and people with hearts of gold.DSC02369

Each practice is peaceful and tranquil, while set to a soundtrack of singing birds and crushing waves. Catarina and Edwin have gone above and beyond, and they nourish us from the inside out. They shower us with fresh, healthy and delicious food. I feel very blessed to have been a part of the It’s Yoga training. Not only will I leave here with a greater understanding and love for yoga, but I also take with me a stronger sense of the person I want to be. OM SHANTI ” 

Dana, Canada –  YTT 2014

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“This has been one of my best decisions I have made. To come to Nicaragua to practice and learn about yoga. The vibe at the yoga rancho is great to open up and learn more about yourself.

DSC04921 (1)The mornings are peaceful with morning yoga and delicious breakfast.

The afternoon is happy and full of energy while watching the sunset.

The nights are satisfying with amazing food and good company.

I continue from here with a big smile on my face, sunshine in my belly and many ideas in my head for the future. Namaste”

Myrtle, The Netherlands YTT 2015

DSC04921 3“A great experience of really go deep into your own yoga practice and the whole world of yoga and at the same time being surrounded by people with the same interest. I have learned a lot about myself, my own practice and gotten a lot of new perspective and inspiration. I can not wait to share it with others.”

Linnea, Sweden  YTT 2015

DSC05018 2“The ability to become completely at peace is available in this place. The technology detox, proximity to nature, sounds of the ocean, amazing sunset and star views make this yoga training experience authentic. I am grateful for the other students, teachers and staff who made this such a wonderful experience.”

Anna, Ireland YTT 2015

DSC04871 copy“What an absolute paradise on and off the mat. An incredible journey of yourself, of yoga and of nature. I really have grown so much in the time I’ve been here and I see this as page 1 of the next chapter in my life. Edwin and Catarina are inspiring and fun delivering this great programme. Don’t forget moskito spray.”

Lucy, South Africa YTT 2015

IMG_1686 2“Beautiful location with spectaclular views. Deliscious food. Intense level of yoga practice. I have learnt so much about myself and my practice from the teachers and also from other students.”

Sharon, Canada YTT 2015


DSC04949 2“It is so nice to be in a place with all different kids of people and feel like home right away. There is a good combination in learning and having fun. The food is deliscious and great for your body. I learned a lot!”

Marloes, The Netherlands YTT 2015

DSC04948“By going to It’s Yoga Nica I’ve got a deeper insight of Ashtanga Yoga. What is means and what benefits you get by practicing/teaching its form.”

Yiwen USA, YTT 21015

IMG_1680 2“The combination of outdoor classroom, yoga, fresh food and disconnection from the technological world is a recipe for inner peace, absorption into our practice and authentic conversations. I love It’s Yoga Nica for it’s raw environment and simple philosophy – teach what you practice and practice what you teach. I have made longtime friends here and I am full of inspiration.”

Barbara, Canada YTT 2015

DSC04921 4“Great 3 weeks! Edwin and Catarina are great hosts and very knowledgeable. The place itself is beautiful, confortable and perfect for a yoga training. The food and staff are great, always welcoming. You may be scared of being restrained of WiFi, meat, sugar and all but it is well worth the while. Get intouch with yourself, meet new people and dedicate to your practice. I fully recommend It’s Yoga Nica. Namaste.”

Carla, Panama YTT 2015

IMG_1670 2“My time with It’s Yoga Nica @ Ostionla has been an amazing experience, which I had the opportunity to share with a great bunch of yoginis from around the world. A really friendly and supportive environment in which to develop and grow in your practice. Fantastic food, breathtaking sunsets and lots of laughs.”

Stina, Sweden YTT 2015

DSC03877“Yoga Nica was truly life changing! It is one in a lifetime experience. I can’t believe how much I have learned, how many amazing friends I’ve made and how much delicious food was consumed in a month. Catarina and Edwin are amazing hosts, talented at everything they do. I will miss Clara and Sid too.”

Mia, Canada YTT 2015

10849029_10153236092762223_1940839399906865784_o“I feel very lucky to be part of the February 2015 teacher training in El Ostional, Nicaragua. I leader so much about yoga philosophy and practice but the most important things I learned where about myself. Being into nature, eating delicious and nutritionally balanced meals, focusing only on yoga in a small group and guided by wise people (Catarina and Edwin) were perfect to grow physically, mentally and spiritually.”

Sana, Marocco YTT 2015

DSC03928“Yoga teacher training in Nicaragua with Catarina and Edwin has been a wonderful experience – more than I could ever imagined. It was a big decision to make signing up to an intensive training like this; finically, and in the perspective not knowing what the teaching style would be like. But as soon as I got contact with Catarina I knew I was in good hands. Ostional as a place is perfect spot for calming down and enjoying the water and sun.”

Elina, Finland YTT 2015

IMG_2390“It’s Yoga has been a great escape from reality and a time to reflect on yourself and your practice. I have learned so much during the teacher training. The food is amazing which is a great bonus. 🙂 Thanks so much Catarina and Edwin for being such amazing hosts!”

“Catarina and Edwin are excellent hosts at It’s Yoga Nica. We have learned so much about the history and philosophy of yoga. Our daily practice was amazing and we always looked forward to Rocket in the afternoon. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to transform my yoga journey.”

Ben and Amanda, Australia YTT 2015

Nico“This has been one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of my life both physically. emotionally, mentally and spiritually. The setting was amazing though I would not choose to sleep in a dorm again as I found there where too many disruptions in my sleep – and exhaustion makes asana practice difficult. I enjoyed the course instructions though there where times when it was unclear which text to use for the 2 quizzes. I am extremely thankful to have been a student here and I am very much looking forward to my own version of Karmic yoga.”

AFTER THE YTT: Nico is coming back to Ostional April 2015 to do her version of Karma Yoga in the village school.

Nico, Canada YTT 2014

DSC03556“I had a great time overall. The many hours of yoga asanas, the detox of sugar and internet made me go through ups and down and I enjoyed both. I love the way you (Edwin and Catarina) shared your yoga experience with us. Having deep conversations about Pratyahara and laughing about a dog drinking from the altar of Ganesha is a great combo of keeping yoga both serious and committed but also fun and light. Thank for everything!”

AFTER THE YTT: Alexandra is moving to Nicaragua – you can find her at Playa Madera, teaching yoga and surfing we think 🙂

Alexandra, The Netherlands YTT 2014

Ellie“This time has been so rewarding with wonderful friends, delicious food on top of the physically demanding but yet so rewarding training. I also got to experience a little bit of Nicaragua. LOVE!!!”

Ellie, USA YTT 2014


“My experience here has been a mental Roller Coaster. I was physically prepared but I was surprised by the mental challenge. I am very happy for this experience and that you (Catarina and Edwin) have shared your long experience and knowledge in this great way. I have felt safe having you both as teachers. Thank you for sharing and I hope I can come back soon. :)”

AFTER THE YTT: Caroline is studying medicine and teaching yoga in northern Sweden.

Caroline, Sweden YTT 2014

Kathryn“My experience here has been exactly what I hoped for and was looking for. Creating a vivero (garden) as part of a community project and experiencing the beauty of Ostional was very rewarding. Thank you so much for the experience – I have learned so much and I feel confident to begin teaching others as well. Namaste Love Peace Happiness”

AFTER THE YTT: KT is traveling around south America working as a gardener and yoga teacher.

Kathryn US. YTT 2014

NicaNov-396“I enjoyed my training and I am thankful for all I have learned. I am very inspired to go much deeper into the practice in a consistent way and happy to share and inspire others. Namaste!”

AFTER THE YTT: Denise and Chris is traveling around south America surfing and giving yoga lessons. 

Denise, Germany YTT 2014


“La experiencia vivida stos dias en este maravilloso lugar han sido espectacular. Me ha encantado el ambiente en el que estamos, me parece el lugar ideal para un “training” sin distracciones con unidos a la naturaleza. no he encontrado mas que gente adorable, mis companeros, la gente de la cocina, Sid y Clara. Me llevo con migo grandes vivencias, grandes conocimientos, mucho felicidad y amor por la vida y el ashtanga yoga. Gracias, gracias, gracias!!!!!! por darme esta oportunidad Catarina y Edwin.”

Noelia, Gran Canaria, YTT 2014

Andrea Tompkins“My experience in the teacher training was extremely positive. Meeting a wonderful group of individuals with like minds all with the goal to find and better themselves. You come to better your yoga practice and become a teacher but leave with this wealth of knowledge, not just from yoga but also about yourself.

Although some days are hard you break trough that block with the help of the amazing people by your side and the wonderful healing environment that surrounds you wherever you look.”

Andrea, USA – YTT 2014

Hanna Verghese“At times the yoga teacher training felt physically, mentally and emotionally intense. Now we are at the end and it is clear how much I’ve learned, grown stronger and gained belief in myself that I could teach. We have been looked after brilliantly – always clear on our objectives and eaten so much good food. I was’t prepared for the (out door life) but it has kept things interesting. :)”

Hanna, UK – YTT 2014

Kristin Bergamnn“It was wonderful to be at It’s Yoga Nica’s yoga teacher training. I started weak – but now I feel so strong! I feel supported very lovingly in all situations.

It was very nice to get to know a bit of the community work: the farm, the school and the turtles.

Thank you for everything!”

Kristin Bergmann, Germany – YTT 2014

Christian“This YTT changed my whole understanding of yoga. It changed from a physical point of view, through the asanas to the unity of mind, body and soul. the cleansing of the physical and emotional blocks along with detoxifying and healing. I am thankful for this experience towards the path to awakening your inner guru. As an honor to you, dear Catarina and Edwin, I will now try to be a better yogi every day by being aware of my breath and body..feeling my body and soul opening and removing those blocks. Namaste!”

Christian, Austria – YTT 2014

Tanja“It’s Yoga Nica is much, much more than a yoga teacher training. It’s an experience. Each day is spent on the beautiful sleepy beach of Ostional. From sun up to sun down days are packed with yoga, giving a effect mix of practice, background and theory. Not only is the atmosphere amazing, the food is also fantastic. The meals are healthy, packed with fresh local ingredients, leaving the body and mind fully nourished. I can not imagine doing my training anywhere else.”

Tanja, USA – YTT 2014

Danni” As a beginner “yogini’ I was excited yet intimidated to begin my yoga teacher training. Edwin and Catarina are inspirational teachers in the way that they constantly reassure their students that yoga is a continual learning process – there is no rush. In addition the stunning beach front view and incredible food helped to make this one of the most memorable and rewarding experiences I have ever had.”

Danni, USA – YTT 2014

DSC02478” What a team! Catarina, Edwin, Clara and Sid! Honestly I think that most people are lucky to get one or two experiences like this in their lifetime. Catarina and Edwin are amazing teachers and really amazing people. The location was stunning, the training extensive (profound), the location and accommodation perfect….even the food was fantastic! Thanks so much guys, lots of love. ”

Matt, UK – YTT 2014


“It’s Yoga Ostional has been an amazing and tranquil experience. The isolated beach beach front rancho has offered room for my body, mind and soul to grow. I’ll be reluctantly leaving prepared to teach Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga with my ego planted firmly on the ground and my spirit souring high. This has been an unforgettable experience. Thank you Clara, Catarina, Edwin and Sid (the enlightened one)” Note: Sid is a boxer dog.” 

Scott, USA – YTT 2014

DSC02393“This has been an amazing experience. I now feel that I am a yoga teacher in a way that I always wanted to be. The It’s Yoga Rancho is a truly beautiful place, the organic food is delicious and Edwin and Catarina are amazing teachers. I feel healed physically and mentally and I feel blessed to have been a part of this. I truly recommend it. It has been amazing.”

Sofia, Sweden – YTT 2014


“The teacher training with It’s Yoga Nicaragua offers practice experience, powerful surroundings, foreign friendship with people from around the world. The entire experience is enlightening. It’s a magical place – I recommend it! ”

Chloe USA – YTT 2014

Brie“The It’s Yoga Nicaragua teacher training was by far one of the greatest experiences of my life. Between the decadent food and ocean side yoga classes, El Ostional is the idyllic setting for a program that is both challenging and healing. Edwin and Catarina are fantastic instructors that demonstrate a wealth of knowledge and experience. The holistic nature of this program provides a great opportunity to build a strong foundation to develop and strengthen your practice, reboot your soul and make life long friends.”

Brie. USA – YTT 2014

Natalia“- You will be practicing yoga for the rest of your life so there is no need to hurry.- This is the most powerful statement I will take with me after the course. It was my intention to deepen my own practice and gain a holistic view of’s history, it’s philosophy..I feel that I have had the right balance of  fun, physical activities, laughters, tears and brain work. It is an intensive and very challenging course where you get served healthy delicious meals in a surrounding of nature and the ocean.In the training you are safe to be whatever you need or want to be. I found my own little heaven in a purple hammock where I was literally able to cocoon myself and let go of  body and mental weight. I couldn’t have chosen  a better place and teachers to learn about yoga…wherever my yogic path will lead, having been at It’s Yoga Nicaragua doing the yoga teacher training has set a deeply rooted foundation in my life. Thank you all – NAMASTE”

Natalia, Switzerland – YTT 2014

Yoga Teacher Training Managua 2011

Yoga Teacher Training in Managua

For me the yoga  teacher training in Nicaragua have really been to take my whole life into a new road. My yoga have come to a new level both physically and mentally. It has been a lifestyle change, where I have been filled with inspiration, insight, happiness, a clearer vision of where I want to go and what I can become. I also think that it has been great that we have had both Catarina and Edwin as teachers. They have really given us a fantastic knowledge and been truly inspirational. For me it has been so great to build my own practice and to be able to practice at home alone. I look forward to all the possibilities I have and to be able to share with others the passion I feel for Ashtanga Yoga.”

Pia  – Yoga  Teacher Training in Nicaragua December 2011

I had a wonderful experience throughout this yoga teacher training in Nicaragua. I really didn´t know what to expect when I joined – but I feel that I am coming out of it as a different person. I am looking forward to continuing with the practice and find out more things about myself. I realize I have to work a lot from within and not only from the exterior. I know I have a lot more to learn but what I know now is enough to push me in the right direction. My experience with the class is not limited to the yoga practice. I really did not expect to meet so many wonderful people – from whom I have learned a lot. I feel very lucky to have met them and to have taken this teacher training course.”

Maria Lourdes – Yoga Teacher Training in Nicaragua December 2011

La experiencia himana de compartir con los instructors, con Catarina y con Edwin, y con los otros estudiantes ha sido tambien muy linda. Los instructores no solamente son exelente profesores, que saben y practica lo que ensñan, sino también son marvillosas personas. Les agradesco su dedicasion y su flexibilidad que mostraron hacia nosotros.”

Oswaldo – Yoga Teacher Training in Nicaragua December 2011

My experience with the It’s Yoga Teaching philosophy and method has been that it is one rooted in personal experience.  This personal experience is one of exploration and introspection with ones’ self, listening intently to our bodies, our thoughts, our emotions, our spirits.  It’s a personal inquiry conducted with patience, love, humility, acceptance and compassion that encourages honesty despite what that honesty might reveal.   My experience with the It’s Yoga instructors has been that, as with yoga itself, they maintain a balance between helping you both be demanding of yourself while simultaneously being loving to yourself.  This balance is what I would hope to achieve and carry forth as a yoga instructor.

 From my experience in the yoga teacher training in Nicaragua I have also been shown by our instructors that they live the maxim “we live what we teach”.  Despite their wealth of experience, they still maintain a position of humility and openness to learn.  This keeps them open and alive to all that comes to them and part of what draws people in to their presence.

Anita – Yoga Teacher Training in Nicaragua December 2010

Cuando me matriculé en el curso no tenía idea que fuera tan completo. Sí, había leído el programa, todo coincidió con lo que aprendimos, pero lo que no me esperaba fue el trabajo interior que tuvimos. Pensé que sólo íbamos a aprender como hacer las posturas!!!!! Durante el curso sentí que una vela se encendió en mi interior. El curso coincidió con la enfermedad y muerte de mi padre, me sacó muchos sentimientos escondidos, reflexioné mucho sobre mí misma, mi infancia, mi vida como adulta, mi familia y sobre lo  que quiero actualmente. No sólo aprendí las asanas, aprendí también de temas de anatomía, chacras, tipos de energía, etc. Creo que todo esto fue un comienzo para investigar diferentes temas que fueron introducidos. Sentí diferentes tipos de sentimientos, tristeza, alegría, dolor, cansancio, desesperación, éxtasis, paciencia, frustración, Aprendí a  reconocerme, a aceptarme, disfrutar de las posturas sin forzarlas. Yoga no trata de una competición o “estar lista para la foto”. La postura bien hecha permite desbloquearse para desestresarse y llegara la placentera meditación y relajación, las cuales son al final el objetivo de yoga, la relajación completa.  Al hacer yoga con el grupo aprendí también a ser más compañera a compartir con todos y aceptar que todos somos diferentes. Nuestra profesora y profesor nos enseñaron paciencia y dedicación. Nunca nos forzaron, fueron parte de nuestro grupo y siempre actuaron con mucha profesionalidad.Definitivamente marcó mi vida!!!!!!”

Rose Mary – Yoga Teacher Training in Nicaragua December 2011

Yoga Teacher Training

The It´s Yoga Teacher Training in Nicaragua has given me an incredible solid foundation in the Ashtanga Yoga Lifestyle. I´ve loved yoga fro more than 13 years now, but never had the “time” to really dicipline myself enough to make it a part of m daily life. Through the Teacher Training I´ve realised that it has nothing to do with time essentially, it is the commitment to personal growth. My daily practice is deeper now than ever before and I am also filled with excitemnet and entusiasm to share the practice of yoga with any and all that are interested. Thank you Edwin and Catarina for your great commitment and passionate support.”

David John Kegan, Yoga Teacher Training in Nicaragua May 2011

Doing the  Yoga Teacher Training in Nicaragua not only made me understand my practice better or just tought me how to teach yoga! Most of all I feel like I have become part of a big word wide yoga family with a lot of interesting and diffentent people that I can learn from and that are happy to bring the power of yoga to the world. Being part of that family makes me feel incredibly happy and rich.”

Astrid Blix, Yoga Teacher Training in Nicaragua May 2011

Mi experiencia fue enriquecedora: se gana confianza, se abren nuevas horizonte ya que vamos teniendo una amalgama perfecta entre nuestro practica y el yo interno, transmitendolo a todos lo que rodea nos sentimos motivados respecto a la vida, áhora siento la necesitad de compartir este bienestar con muchas personas, para que todos derribemos nuestro limites y sigamos creciendo en total armonia.”

Hazel Lopez, Yoga Teacher Training in Nicaragua May 2011 Yoga Teacher Training

Descubrí por primera vez Yoga hace solamente 1 año y medio. Mi primera clase no fue una experiencia placentera, mi cuerpo estaba tenso, adolorido, inflexible y mi respiración era superficial y entrecortada, a pesar de que fue una experiencia extraña y difícil salí de la clase con la absoluta certeza que quería regresar. Desde ese día mi cuerpo, mi mente y mi espíritu me han pedido regresar a mi mat cada día. Con tan solo 6 meses desde mi primera clase tomé la decisión de hacer el Teacher Training de 200 hrs con It´s Yoga Nicaragua, esta experiencia impactó en gran medida mi visión y mi experiencia en diferentes aspectos de mi vida. Fue un entrenamiento de 8 semanas de autoconocimiento en donde aprendí además de la filosofía y práctica de yoga la importancia de vivir cada día, cada minuto de mi vida presente y consciente. Hoy en día combino mi profesión con la nueva faceta de instructora de Ashtanga Yoga, una habilidad que no habría descubierto sino hubiera sido por el TT, compartir mis experiencias de Yoga con mis alumnas y la realización de mi práctica personal han sido la base de mi desarrollo personal y espiritual.

Maria Lucia Portocarrero, Yoga Teacher Training in Nicaragua December 2011

ashtanga yoga teacher training in Nicaragua

“Quiero apoyar a la gente que tiene problemas de estres y dolor de cuerpo para que se siente mejor y vivir mas traquilo.  En la capacitacion aprendi; profundisar mis conocimento y mi experiencia de yoga, analizar a mi misma el nivel de practica de asanas y entendimento sobre anatomia y philosophia de yoga, corrigir mal entendimento, mal acostumbre, mal posision y respiracion y pasar tiempo con compañeros que tienen entusiasmo e interes tan fuerte hacia yoga.”

Narita, Yoga Teacer Training in Nicaragua, December 2012

“I want to teach yoga because I think that yoga is a great tool for people to get in contact with their body and mind. In the yoga teacher training in Nicaragua I have gained  a deeper understanding of yoga. I came with a lot of questions and now I have others…maybe on a deeper level. I have started to teach all  ready and I have gotten in contact with people on a different level and it has been interesting to figure out, together with them, how they can use yoga for themselves.”

Karen Smith, Yoga Teacher Training in Nicaragua December 2012

“I want to become a yoga teacher because I want others to feel better about themselves and about the world they live in. In the training I have been able to overcome fears and see that my limits are much further than I thought (sometimes there are no limits at all). The yoga teacher training has also helped me on my path to get to know my body and myself on a deeper level. Last but not least I have met wonderful people with great personalities, it has really been useful for me to hear their stories and realize that you are not alone.”

Jane Gerts, Yoga Teacher Training in Nicaragua December 2012

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