Rocket Yoga

Larry Schultz, the creator of the world-famous Rocket Series, was looking for a way to make the practice of Ashtanga accessible to a Western practitioner.

Larry Schultz’s system of Ashtanga Yoga was created after more than nine years of dedicated Ashtanga practice with his teacher, Sri K. Pattabhi Jois in Mysore India. The routines, probably the first “Power Yoga”,  are intelligently structured to work through the joints systematically and open the body in a natural way.

We, Its yoga Nicaragua, want to bring authenticity to the Larry Schultz‘s method of Rocket Yoga practice and philosophy from our own direct experience of studying with Larry in San Fransisco. By attending a yoga teacher training in Nicaragua with us you will practice the Rocket as it was tough to us in it’s original form. In the 200 hour yoga teacher training program  you will be supported to create your own vision and to inspire and foster the inner teacher in yourself and in others

The series retain the same principle as Ashtanga Yoga with the core elements of the breath, bandhas and dristhi. There are variations in the Rocket routines but you will always find a basic sequence that is always there .

The Rocket I reorders, but closely follows, the traditional Primary Series of Ashtanga.

The Rocket II follows the Second Series, and the Rocket III brings the I and II together for an invigorating 90 poses in 90 minutes.

In traditional Ashtanga, you progress in a linear fashion, receiving poses as your teacher gives them to you. The Rocket takes away the hierarchy and empowers practitioners of all levels to try out and practice postures found in the more advanced Ashtanga Yoga series.

Hot Yoga has become very popular but with Rocket you will build your own internal cleansing fire from the inside  by using the breath and bandhas instead of getting the heat from a hot room.

Rocket Yoga is an ever-changing art form that is expanding and evolving. From the outside Rocket Yoga may appear to be very physical but from the inside it is all about the inward journey and healing work we have to do when we turn our focus within.

Rocket Yoga is accessible for everyone with the intelligently structured modifications and ways to progress in the sequence. It is a very self empowering practice and over time if you practice with dedication your will be able to guide yourself trough the practice without being dependent on a teacher.

Rocket Yoga shows you your weaknesses and your strengths and serves as a vessel for higher consciousness and spirituality. Trough your self practice you will find your own voice and begin to create your way of sharing the Rocket. As you memorize the sequences and learn to lead others trough the Rocket your teaching will be based on your own yoga practice firmly rooted in tradition.

There is nothing you have to accomplish. You just show up, breathe, do your best and let the Yoga do you.

Rocket I

This routine can vary in length from 33 poses during a 45 minutes class to 40 poses in 75 minutes. The Rocket I follows the Primary Series of the Astanga Yoga, focusing on a core strength, hip openers and forward bends. It also introduced you to the Rocket arm balance transitions and inversions.

Filled with core strengthening parts it sets you up for the more challenging routines of Rocket II.

Starting with the Surynamaskara A and B followed by the standing sequence including Dolphins, elbow stands and balancing poses and with an extra focus on the legs. The routine allow you to explore many different transitions. There are 4-6 ab-workouts woven into the seted poses for core strength. Finishing with hip-opening and the traditional finishing series. This routine is known as “the long-and-strong” by Larry, it creates balance in the body when practiced together with Rocket 2.

Rocket II

Building on the same standing series as Rocket I, Rocket II changes when it comes to the seated series. Based on the back bending sequence of the seated intermediate series of ashtanga, this sequence complements the forward folds of Rocket I, laying the foundations of building a strong practice. This routine is the most challenging of them all. It combine 66 poses form the first ans second series of the Ashtanga Yoga. The full routine will need a 90 minutes class frame. The Rocket II introduces you to the back bending techniques and to spinal twists for a healthier spine. It also includes arm balancing poses, hip openers and inversions.

Rocket 2 is what the Rocket is all about – “Getting You There Faster.” The sequence leaves you feeling lighter, stronger and happier.

Rocket III

Designed as a way to finish off the week, this sequence is a combination of both Rocket I and Rocket II. Combining the twisted and folds into a dynamic sequence designed to build strenght and flexibility.