Yoga Teacher Training in Nicaragua – Are You Ready?

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Yoga Teacher Training in Nicaragua (4)Are you ready to become a yoga teacher and sign up for a yoga teacher training?

You’ve been hooked and have been practicing yoga regularly for a few years, you may feel you would like to take a  yoga teacher training course. Even if you do not think about teaching, a good training program will deepen your practice and develop your personality and increase your knowledge of anatomy, philosophy, sequencing, and alignment.

Many yoga teacher training programs have minimum requirements for prospective students. Typical requirements are that you have practiced for several years. Recommended is also that you have a regular practice already – so that you are used to a high dose of physical training each week.

Some students, who love yoga,  are tired of their day jobs. The thought of becoming a yoga teacher offers a new lifestyle and work opportunity aligned with ones passion. Although sometimes things work out well in this way, but keep in mind that most yoga teachers do not make a lot of money. Depending on teaching alone to make ones living can be very hard. Most yoga teachers who do earn their living by teaching yoga often have other projects besides like coaching or writing. Many of the great yoga teachers out there teaching several classes a week are also keeping their regular jobs.

What is a certified or registered yoga teacher training?

Around the world, yoga teacher training programs meet certain standards that are registered by the Yoga Alliance, a nationally recognized organization. There are two levels of Yoga Alliance certified-200 hours and 500 hours, referring to the duration of the program. Students first complete a program of 200 hours, most yoga studios require minimum training for their teachers. Some teachers then decided to continue their studies by conducting a training of 500 hours.
At the end of a registered Yoga Alliance teacher training program, teachers can use the initials RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) after their name. Its Yoga is registered with the Yoga Alliance, autorized to teach the 200 hours yoga teacher training program.

Finding the right yoga teacher training for you.

The most obvious place to start looking is at your yoga school. Many yoga studios offer yoga teacher training programs, but having a good look at the curriculum before beginning the session. With students paying thousands of dollars in education, teacher training yoga has become a money making operation. So make sure that any program that has been registered in the Yoga Alliance. This will ensure you spend a certain number of hours studying asana, technical education, anatomy and philosophy.
You should also talk with your yoga teachers – where they received their training. If you live in an area without teacher training programs, consider making an intensive program at a yoga center or ashram in other places. The Yoga Alliance Web site explains the minimum level and can help identify registered yoga schools in your area. Good idea is to look for network of schools with many years of experience like the  It´s Yoga Teacher Training programs.

Other considerations

  • Cost – Expect to pay more than $ 3,000. If the yoga teacher training is very cheep you should be suspicious.
  • Calendar – Some programs are intensive, lasting only a month or two, but one meeting every day during that period. Other programs last six months or a year, but only meet in the evenings or weekends.
  •  Personality – Make sure you like and respect the head teacher, make sure they have long experience in teaching yoga so you get the support you need in your yoga teacher training. Talk or write with them before the yoga teacher training starts.

Its Yoga Nicaragua

“We offer Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training and Yoga Retreats on different exotic location along the Pacific Coast in Nicaragua.

We believe that by being in an environment in harmony with the nature one can bring a depth and authenticity to the yoga experience that is of great value for the personal development.

Our goal is to provide our students with that special experience by offering our trainings on eco-lodges in Nicaragua. Eco lodges, who each have their own strong philosophy on how to make the word a better place”


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