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The corner emerging from the soil in Big Corn Island.

The corner emerging from the soil in Big Corn Island.

There is an imaginary  cube inside the planet with the eight corners or vertices emerging on eight points on the surface of the planet. One of the corners is in Big Corn Island, Nicaragua,  located in the Caribbean. Big Corn Island is also the new destination for It’s Yoga Nicaragua’s 200 hour yoga teacher training.

The locations where the eight corners springs up from the subsoil and meet the surface are referred to as The soul of the world and it is an ancient philosophical concept found in these different places and cultures that have had no contact in-between them. This is what is so exciting and special about Corn Island.

The Eight Corners

Cocos Islands (Australia), and their antipode, Corn Islands (Nicaragua)

Kalahari Desert (Botswana) and the Hawaiian Islands (USA)

Tierra del Fuego (Argentina or Chile) and Lake Baikal (Buryat Republic)

Galicia (Spain or Portugal) and the South Island of New Zealand

The project Soul of The World

The project explained in pictures on the site.

The Earth is a Living Being

The soul of the world helps us to remember that the earth is not nearly made by matter but a great living being also made up by a soul.  The great philosopher Plato put it this way when he described the Divine creation: “He gave it a smooth and even body, at all points equidistant from the center, complete and perfect. And in the center of this cosmic body, he set a Soul.”

The sculptural projects on each of the eight locations are offerings to Mother Earth, proposing that we embrace the concept that the earth is generous and perfect inviting unity between nations, races, borders, genders and spices.  It is also and offering to the many Goddesses appearing in myths, the concept of Mother Earth tragically neglected in our time.

The Soul of The World Project in Big Corn Island

yoga teacher group CornyttDuring the beautiful month of May we were blessed with having Corn Island as our base during our yoga teacher training for the first time. The teacher trainers arrived a couple of days prior to starting day to prepare and get everything organized together with the hosts Ildi and Mike at Pariso Hotel.  The small Costanera plane took us from Managua and the Pacific side of the country over the waters to the Island. As always in the Caribbean, the tropical climate, the turquoise water, the palm trees and the cool vibes immediately transport you into another dimension.

Leonardo da Vincis’s drawings

thumb_IMG_2599_1024 thumb_IMG_2598_1024One of the first things we did was actually to go to the site where the Soul of the World project is set up in Corn Island. You can find it high up on a hillside with an adorable view and you can immediately sense that it is something quiet extraordinary about the place. It is hard to exactly describe the feeling but as days go by on the island it is obvious that there is a strong presence of the divine in nature. We learned that the square and the cube symbolizes the earth and the circle and the sphere symbolizes the sky. We also learned that  the work made by Fra Luca Pasioli’s “On Divine Proportions”, illustrated by Leonado da Vinci , is the origin of the project The Soul of The World.

thumb_IMG_2576_1024 thumb_IMG_2594_1024 An Unforgettable Yoga Teacher Training Experience

thumb_image_1024 During the yoga teacher training we where blessed with all the beauty and richness of Corn Island. We enjoyed the tropical fruits, the sunshine, the heavy tropical rain and the reefs with the wrecks and the amazing sea life. The small group got very tight and when it was time for everybody to g home agin we had so many beautiful memories and friends for life. I dare say it was a once in a lifetime experience for all of us.

I and my fellow teacher trainers all got the invaluable gifts of getting to know and work with so many lovely yogis and also the great gift of experiencing this unique place on the planet that can bring a presence and an awareness to who we are on our precision planet – Mother Earth.

Now we would like to invite You to join us, It’s Yoga Nicaragua together with Paraiso Club, to the next yoga teacher training in Corn Island.

If you would like to do your yoga teacher training with us in Corn Island we have  new yoga teacher training coming up in October.

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