Yoga Teacher Training in Big Corn Island: Top 5 Reasons

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Corn IslandWhen you make your way, all the way, to an ashtanga yoga teacher training in Nicaragua you want it to be extraordinary.

We had been looking for a great place to host our trainings apart from Ostional for a long time. We had tried several places when Ildi, the owner of the center on the island, contacted us and asked if we were interested in doing a yoga teacher training in Big Corn Island.  It just felt right from the first moment and after that it just kept getting better and better.

CORN ISLANDThe first time we had a yoga teacher training in Big Corn Island was in May this year. Everything was new, me and Katie flew in a couple of days earlier to get everything organized before the students flew in from Managua. When you participate in the training the flight between Big Corn Island and Managua is included and you needn’t think about organizing all that.  When every yoga student was on the island the journey began.

Think “Pirates of the Caribbean”, the Tortuga Island, Jack Sparrow and Will Turner fighting on the beach. The colors. The sky. The water. It is for real, and it is the true color of the water and the sky in Corn Island. That is enough for you wanting to go there.  Big Corn Island is not yet a well-known place for travelers and that is why, this pearl in the sea, is so exciting and exotic, absolutely perfect for a yoga teacher training.

I want to give you the 5 highlights for coming to the island and doing a yoga teacher training in October this year, (you have to hurry and book),  or May next year.

shipwreck corn island1. Exciting Pirate History

Ok I admit it, I love pirates and history, even though I am glad I never met a real pirate.  This forgotten island of Corn Island was a paradise for pirates and buccaneers in the old days (17th Century). Lots of shipwrecks and treasures still lay scattered along the shores of Corn Island. When in the yoga teacher training you will have several opportunities to go out and snorkel or dive on the wrecks.

Even several famous explorer happened to pass the island around the year 1500. However they say it took until around 1650 before a pirate reached out to connect with the local tribe on Corn Island – the Mayangna Indians.

beach corn island2. Undiscovered and Exotic

Tourism is growing but when compared with more popular islands in the Caribbean such as Saint Vincent or San Andres, the Big Corn Island is relatively unknown and hidden in the ocean. It is nearly asleep and it is like stepping back in time when you put your feet on the land.

The island lies 70 km out from the mainland of Nicaragua and you can reach it by plane or ferry. We would love to see more yoga people staying on the island. We believe in conscious tourism and all the positive effect it can have on the nature, the people, the kids and the economy on the island. There  are so many things we can support in a place like Big Corn Island. It’s Yoga Nica is constantly involve in community work in Ostional and we hope to be a positive force on this beautiful Island too. But it all depend on you! Please come!

CORN ISLAND BAY3. Natural Beauty

The island offer beautiful sandy beaches, exotic fruit trees and lots of palm trees. Little developed as it is Big Corn Island and Little Corn Island are actually two of the hottest Caribbean diving destinations right now (according the Mike, the other owner of Paraiso Club).  There are unbroken reefs thick with corals and you can spot sharks, nurse sharks, barracudas, spotted eagle-rays and green sea turtles. Most of the time the conditions are calm allowing for divers of all level to watch and experience the wonders.

In our yoga teacher training in May we went out twice on snorkeling tours. It was amazing, we got to see both sharks and sting rays and of course some ship wrecks and old pirates. All equipment for snorkeling is available for you at Paraiso and Mike always guide safe and fun.

Yoga deck in corn sland4. Friends

The demographics of a location is as interesting as it’s history and contemporary socio-economic life. In Big Corn Island there are less that 8.000 people. No more friends that some people have on FB.  So in Corn Island everybody has each other as friends on FB.

The islanders are mostly afro descendents, English-speaking, creole people mixed with Europeans, Asians and Arab. In recent year there has been an internal immigration from Pacific Nicaragua with mestizos and from Puerto Cabezas Moskito indians are moving in. You can see how they have grouped on different sides of the island between all the churches.

Yoga Teacher Training in Corn Island5. Relaxed

We are yogis and we like to be relaxed and go with the flow. This is the place, relaxed is the way of life and the locals really embody it ( I would say that is true for other parts of Nicaragua as well). It is the perfect location when you want to wind down and find your inner peace.  Things do not happen quickly but people are smiling and that is magical.

You will feel wonderful here and you will leave with a bigger heart. When you enroll in our yoga teacher training you don’t want to leave but when  you do have to leave you will have lots of new yoga friends, a strong self practice and a new view on life. This is a promise.

The corn island yoga teacher training group

Proudly presenting: the very first group EVER doing a yoga teacher training on Big Corn Island Nicaragua. We love you!

Catarina LacayoNext yoga teacher training in Big Corn Island SEPTEMBER 28 – OCTOBER 20


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