Yoga Teacher Training Away From Home

Posted by on Oct 9, 2017 in Yoga in Nicaragua, Yoga Teacher Training

When you fall in love with yoga, the first things that you’ll notice is a desire to share  the yoga practice with others. There are many different ways to do this. You can talk to your friends and family about it and invite them along with you to a yoga class. You can start a website or a blog, but one of the best ways to share yoga is by becoming a yoga instructor.

There are two types of training that you can choose from: a local, at your yoga center, or a yoga teacher training away from home. Each type of teacher training has its strengths. There are trainings all over the United States, South and Central America, Nicaragua and the Caribbean, as well as India and other places around the world. What makes these trainings great is that they are intensive. You will not get distracted by your everyday life. You literally eat, sleep, breathe and practice yoga and study the philosophy around it for the entirety of the training. Being in a new environment suited for the inner quest also removes the outside distractions and worry and allows the trainee to completely focus on the experience. The ongoing focus on yoga, teaching and the yoga lifestyle allows for ongoing meditation and exploration rather than attending a training for a day and then waiting a few days to a week to come back to it from your busy life.

Many  yoga teacher trainings  away from home have up to four hours of practical yoga a day along with other activities like meditation, pranayama and theory. When you attend a yoga retreat or yoga teacher training you are entering a holistic world where health in mind, body and spirit is the goal. Yoga detoxifies your body while meditation and reflection work to heal your mind and spirit as well. In addition to yoga, a clean and healthy diet is there to  detox the body. Often the diet is vegan and packed with fruits and veggies that are not only loaded with health benefits but amazingly delicious too. Coming back from a vegan diet free from sugar and white flour can forever change your life after the training. There is also an opportunity to create lifelong relationships with people that you would probably never come across in your daily life or travels.
You walk a way a changed person – more you than you ever been.

A yoga teacher training away from home is an amazing opportunity to immerse yourself in yoga and learn much about yourself, your life and your practice. They are a great opportunity to focus on yourself, and your personal practice all while learning how to connect with people and share your passion with others. You’ll walk away a changed person. Your body changes. Your thoughts change. Your conversation with yourself changes. You meet amazing people and establish lasting relationships. Your form gets better and your muscles grow stronger. All in all you become more you than you’ve ever been. All yoga teacher trainings are great opportunities to learn and grow, but teacher trainings  away from home offer a completely different experience. They are absolutely amazing.

By: Maggie Franz

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