Yoga Poses For Restoration of Mind, Body And Soul

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Life never slows down, does it? With all the things that need to get done, it seems like we can never stop running. Life is a constant race, and sometimes it feels like we’re losing. We want (and need) time for ourselves, but many of us feel that the pressures of life do not allow us to take this time. However, despite the constant busyness, tiredness and defeat do not have to be a part of our lifestyle. It is essential that we take a moment recover and regain our energy on a daily basis. This time of quiet and restoration can be found in doing a few yoga poses every morning.

The benefits of yoga are immense. Firstly, yoga is extremely strengthening to the body. The poses relax and stretch out your muscles while developing core strength. Many yogic breathing exercises can also be found to improve your lungs. Daily yoga will make for a strong, supple body. Secondly, yoga is refreshing to the mind. Productivity is greatly increased when you take a few minutes to clear your mind before beginning your duties. After relaxing mentally, you will be able to approach your work with a clear and energized mindset. Finally, yoga is uplifting to the spirit. Doing yoga brings joy. It allows you to reset as you spend some time with just yourself. Yoga is extremely beneficial to the body, the mind, and the spirit. Five easy poses are discussed below.

1. Downward Dog.

This is an extremely beneficial – and therefore very common – yoga stretch that tightens up your entire body. Place your hands and feet firmly on the floor, with your hands palm downward and your arms shoulder width apart. Suck in your stomach and raise your tailbone, with your back driving upwards. Your body should create a sort of upside-down jackknife. The neck should be lengthened, and the head should rest comfortably between the arms. Beginners can bend their knees slightly to ease the strain, while more advanced posers should maintain straight (although not locked!) knees.

2. Half Lord of The Fishes Pose (Supermodel Pose).

Who doesn’t want to look like a super model? This pose allows you to do so while improving your spinal strength! It’s a win, win situation! As you are sitting on the ground, carefully bend one knee and tuck the foot back. Take the hand opposite to the foot you just tucked under and put it behind your back, thus twisting your spine. Then, take your other foot and place it over the bended knee. This pose can be done from both sides for maximum results.

3. Forward Bend.

While I do call this pose basic, it actually takes some practice to really master. While sitting up with your back straight, stretch out your legs in front of you. Beginners may start with a bend in the knee to relieve any discomfort. Carefully bend forward from your hips, and grasp your heels with your hands. The space between your stomach and your legs should be minimal, and your face should be able to touch your legs.

4. Plank.

This pose is great for your body from head to toe – and believe me, you’ll feel it. Places toes on the floor, hip width apart. Your body should make a straight line all the way up your legs, through your back and to your shoulders. Your arms should push upwards until your elbows are straightened, lifting your body off the ground. And hold! The longer you can hold the better! For beginners, I suggest holding for a minute, resting for 30 seconds, and then holding for another minute. This way, you can work your way up to holding for longer periods of time, such as 5-10 minutes.

5. Cat Cow Stretch.

None of us can deny that cats have this stretching thing down. Maybe it is just because they love to be relaxed and comfortable! This simple stretch is great for relaxing your body after any yoga routine. Get on your hands and knees with your feet hip width apart and your hands shoulder width apart. First, lower your stomach and allow your back to curve down. Your head should be looking up. Then slowly suck your stomach in and arch your back, angling your head downward. Hold briefly in both positions.

And, boom! Your yoga routine is done! I bet you can’t wait until tomorrow to continue the process of strengthening and rejuvenation. Justremember, yoga is made to help your body, not hurt it. If you have spine or back injuries, it would be wise to refrain from doing these poses. Also remember to breath as you stretch! These poses will be most helpful with careful, intentional breathing.

And it is that simple! Happy yoga! Your journey of restoration of Body, Mind, and Spirit begins today!


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