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Increase Life Span Of  Your Yoga Mat Care

Yoga mats are needed for obtaining support and cushioning while practicing poses.  Keeping them clean is also simple but few things should be kept in mind such as following the instructions of manufacturers to keep the mat clean.  Different material should be cleaned in different methods.  Washing the mat frequently is necessary to keep it hygiene. Otherwise bacteria will grow on it that cause skin allergies and infections.  Another thing that must be kept in mind is never to share them.  A partner that sweats a lot may end of causing more bacterial and fungus to grow on the mat.  The mats are used outdoors or indoors and this causes them to become dirty.  Sweating absorbed by Yoga mats also makes it unhygienic.

981519_514184398631275_141016042_oCleaning of rubber mats: Sticky mats are easy to clean and can be washed by the users.  As these are made in rubber,   simply washing and drying in the sun will be enough.  Some mats may need to be sent for dry cleaning.  Those made in rubber can be washed at home. Simple soap solution and warm water will remove all the stains from the mat.  If the stains are strong, few drops of dishwashing liquid mixed in lukewarm water have to be used.  Wipe the best yoga mats and hang them in sun.  Soft brush can also be used for this purpose.  The mat can also be soaked in soap water but more soap should not be used.  Rinse the mat to remove soap and dry it.  Baking soda, Hydrogen peroxide, tea tree oil or peppermint soap can also be mixed with water.

Cotton yoga mats: These mats are also easy to clean as they can be washed using washing machines.  Avoid using spin as this can damage the shape of the mat.  It should be allowed to dry naturally in the sun or wind.  Before cleaning the mats check the manufacturer washing instructions.  Some clearly indicate whether the mats can be washing in machines or not.  Never squeeze dry the mats.

Cleaning eco friendly mats: Eco yoga mats do come for affordable price but at the same time they are not cheap. Proper maintenance of them increases the life span and helps save money.  Little water and cloth must b used to clean these mats.  Soap must be used very less as it may become slippery.

Storage: Yoga mats tend to wear out after they are used for some period.  If it looks like cleaning the mats is not possible, go for a new one.  Apart from cleaning the mats storage is also very important to extend its life.

  • When it is not in use roll it carefully and store it in safe place.  These mats must be kept in dark, dry and cool place. 
  • Some mats may absorb moisture if the place is not dry.  Damp mat is uncomfortable to use. 
  • Do not leave the mats in sun for long though it is good to hand them in sun for some time to remove bad odor. 
  • Rubber mats become rough if they are left in the sun for long.  Using a clean mat for practicing Yoga with others
  • Light cleaning of the mats can be done daily for which cloth and water are sufficient.  These can be dried fast if they are wrapped around a dry towel which soaks moisture fast.  Unroll it and then hand to dry. 
  • Usually the mats take a day or two to completely dry. 

New yoga mats can be left in the sun for some time so that the new smell and slippery feel are reduced.  The oily residue can also be reduced by light cleaning it.

Summary: Soap and water are enough to clean the yoga mats.  For tough stains, few drops of household detergent are good.  Dry them in air for sometime but do not leave under sun for long time as this makes the mats rough.


Raj Kumari

Raj is a Yoga instructor and owner of Kharmakhare which provides the eco yoga mats  made 100% from recycled rubber tires.

Kharmakhare will contribute 10% of their net profit from each mat to one of the charities listed on their site designed to expand Yoga’s reach. Yoga Mat Care  

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  1. Thanks for the tips and advises. Really they are bit expensive. If you do not care of them means you are wasting your money. I will keep these instructions in my mind now thanks.

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