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Becky Macy, a vegan therapist, learns more about herself and the world on her journey through Central and South America.

A part of her journey was the yoga teacher training with Its Yoga Nica in Ostional.

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Yoga Lunge OstionalMy next, big exploration was 3 weeks of yoga teacher training in Ostional, a charming fishing village on the Pacific Ocean about an hour south of San Juan del Sur, close to the Costa Rican border.

I started practicing yoga in high school but didn’t really start regularly practicing until about 5 years ago. I’ve found yoga to give me more than other types of physical exercise, while physically challenging me also teaching me how to really relax my body and quiet my mind, learning to love my body, and finding more balance in my life. I’ve also realized yoga philosophy blends really well with my personal philosophy as well as my therapeutic approach to working with clients as a mental health therapist, and the idea of becoming certified as a yoga teacher started growing over the last year.

Feeling inspired, I signed up for the It’s Yoga Nica Ashtanga training in May after searching for trainings in Central America. This one seemed right for me- it was the most affordable, had the smallest student size, and the location was perfect (beach and close by). For 3 weeks (July 11-Aug 3) I was challenged physically (3+ hours of yoga daily!), mentally (learning Sanskrit & human anatomy, discussing philosophy), emotionally (being with the same group of new people- 8 amazing women-every day, realizing what my “blocks” are), and spiritually (meditating, contemplating what’s really important in life)yoga in Nicaragua – The Wandering Wonderer.

Becky Macy in NicaraguaOverall, it was a great experience: I learned a lot about myself and left feeling a little wiser, stronger, and healthier, and made some amazing life-long friends. Ostional will always have a special place in my heart- the beautiful “untouched” environment, the strong sense of community (community owned land & farms, mission to protect the sea turtles), a beautiful place to practice yoga, watching the sun set over the ocean and listening to the waves during our practice.

Some of my favorite moments during “yoga camp” were walking with my yogi group on the beach during our daily “commute”, morningBecky Macy blog and sunset practice with the girls in the yoga hut and on the house patio on the bluff, eating delicious food outside with my group, swimming in the ocean between class, touching a mama turtle as she laid her eggs and holding just-hatched baby turtles (one of the most amazing experiences of my life!), visiting Edwin & Catarina’s (my yoga instructors) farm nearby and walking around the village, surviving my 1st teaching experience, listening to Veronika (a fellow yogi in training) play the guitar and sing in her amazing voice, holding a crocodile.

Alex showed up during the end of training after 3 weeks apart, timing it perfectly as there was a bit of drama that day (yes, even yogis have drama) which I was able to escape from. It was a good break for us after being almost literally attached for 5 months, but also difficult, especially towards the end. I was so happy to see his face and be able to share part of my yoga experience with him. It was nice to have our own experiences to exchange with each other, his 3 weeks exploring beach towns and mine living and breathing yoga.

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I have been practicing yoga since I was a teenager growing up in a small coastal town in Northern California, but it wasn’t until the last 5 years that yoga has become an integral part of my life.

My yoga journey started out as a means for physical activity and has developed into an integral part of my life, bringing me back to the present moment, teaching me to love my body, allowing me to connect the physical, mental, and spiritual parts of myself, making life a richer, more joyful experience.

It was while taking a long break from life in The States to travel through Central America that I decided I wanted to bring these gifts of yoga to others and I completed a 200hr level Ashtanga Vinyasa teacher training with It’s Yoga Nica in Ostional, Nicaragua. Starting the teaching part of my yoga journey while traveling has been an amazing experience; I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to share my love of yoga with people from around the world in different amazingly beautiful environments.

Upon my return back to Portland, Oregon I am excited to integrate teaching yoga with my other career as a mental health therapist, supporting others in their journey to find peace, healing, and well-being while continuing my own.

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