Yoga Friends at Equilibrio Yoga & Art Retreat

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Crazy Easter – Getaway

We decided to visit our friends at Equilibrio Yoga & Art Retreat this Easter holiday on our way to Ostional. Easter holiday or “holiweek” in Nicaragua is crazy. The biggest and baddest holiday in the year when the national police is working around the clock to prevent people from killing them selves or each other. All Nicaraguans go to the beach and our plan was to escape the crowd with a first stop at Tolla and then continue to Ostional.

We manage to make it safely in the insane traffic until the dirt road in Tolla when our back door suddenly fell off, or sort of, it did not come off completely until we reached Ostional.  No big deal, we chased our luggage that had been scattered along the road and continued to Equilibrio.

Yoga Friends at Equilibrio Yoga & Art Retreat

James (watch him on the video) greeted us with his friendly smile and told us that Gabriela had swallowed a bee the day before and that she was a little intoxicated from the allergic reaction and the medication. Despite this she had mad a huge lasagna, brave warrior woman spirit as she is, that we all enjoyed for lunch . Fortunately she fully recovered a couple of days later.

Rio Nahualapa

Rio Nahualapa

James and Gabriela

James and Gabriela are the creators and owners of  Equilibrio. During the past 10 year they have realized their dream and built an incredible retreat center. I have never seen quiet anything like it. It is located in the forest by the Rio Nahualapa, upstream from the beaches of Popoyo and Guasacate. This is the dream location for yogis, artist and adventurers who are looking for inspiration and adventures. The unique location gives you access to the river, the ecological garden as well as the beaches with an endless list of cool activities from surfing to well diving and slack lining.

John, Edwin, Catarina and Jim

John, Edwin, Catarina and Jim

Jim and John

We thought that the retreat was going to be empty, except for us, but in time for lunch two new friends, Jim and John, showed up. It is amazing how many cool people you can expect to meet in Nicaragua. It turned out that both Jim and John where adventurers/yogis/travelers so we had a trillion things to share.

After lunch we took the boat down the river to the beach. James showed us some birds, and at the beach he gave us a crash course in juggling and introduced us to some of his friends.

Catarina testing the yoga floor

Catarina testing the yoga floor

How much fun can you have on a day?

The following day we tested as many of the activities we could. Different swings, from the roof and from the river bank into the river. We tested the slack line or tested falling off the slack line to be more correct . We checked out the different yoga and meditation platforms around the center before we exhausted but happy continued our trip to our own beach in Ostional. I kid you not: I have not laughed so much in a long time. 🙂

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