What Is Method Yoga?

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Millions of people are benefiting from the positive effects of yoga. Method yoga

They experience a decrease in anxiety, weight loss, a more positive outlook, well-being, a spiritual connection, even a sense of community.

Or, maybe you went to a yoga class and weren’t sold on it. Maybe it was too foreign or the chanting threw you off. Maybe you had a bad experience with a teacher or didn’t like the group setting. Maybe the class was too hard and you were frustrated or you experienced an injury.

Hello, I’m Reed Taylor. I live in San Francisco and am a high performance specialist. I lead yoga teacher trainings here and abroad and have created a training system to help you transform. I call it Method Yoga.

Forget what you know about yoga. Let’s focus instead on what a regular practice can do for you. Set aside the super star yoga brands and teachers. What do you need? What are your goals? How can Method Yoga help transform you?

Through modern science, genetics, nutrition and kinesiology, we know the body can be trained to perform at greater degrees, precision, power and efficiency.

Timeless disciplines of yoga and cirque arts have sought to combine highly developed, absolute control of mind and body with extreme balance and coordination, to move with grace and mastery Humans are nowfaster, stronger, more aware and more powerful than ever.

Method yoga is the first yoga training system that uses these modern insights to isolate and train the specific attributes that lead to the elevation of fitness as well as bring to life the most cutting edge self development program the world has ever seen.

Method Yoga synthesizes the new and the old to take you from where you are now to where you want to get in a safe and structured way.

I feel very fortunate that at a young age I was motivated and with disciplined tranining became a four sport standout athlete, team captain and two time California All State in football and accepted a football scholarship to Sacramento State University.

But things were not as great as they seemed.

After 3 years of playing I was forced out of college football with chronic pain and injuries from 10 years of high impact training sports and unbalanced training habits. At 22 years old I was suffering from immobility, stiffness and chronic pain.

I was introduced to yoga when I moved to Santa Cruz, California, in 1995. At the time, I was learning how to surf from a local surfing legend. I went to my first yoga class and what I experienced was so shocking and painful I could barely believe it:I was so stiff that I couldn’t even sit on the floor with my ankles crossed. My back, knees and ankles were so tight I was in excruciating pain. I will never forget that humbling experience. After that class I committed to regular practice to reverse the damage I had done. I immersed myself in the study and practice of yoga and pilates.

For the last two decades I have studied with master teachers from India and US. I learned their techniques and methods and am still training with master circus arts teachers here in San Francisco who teach many professional cirque du soleil performers.

Here is what I’ve learned through my own personal work and through helping people through private sessions and trainings in the USA and abroad.

Assessment is essential. Understanding and awareness is critical to creating the proper context for development.

Context is a complete understanding of preconditions, genetics, history, needs, fitness testing, and goals.

Supplemental, modern or integral training methods or “cross training” are vital to rapid development for the body and Self.

Success is a result of dedication to a structure or system that is proven to work.

1 on 1 or personalized attention or coaching is essential for proper, holistic development and rapid progress.

Training levels are necessary. Typically the beginner is at risk of injury when overwhelmed
by the workload; conversely, the more advanced is bored and unchallenged by the same content.

Method Yoga is the solution for these challenges and designed to take you from where you are now to where you want to be in a safe and structured way.

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  1. Hi Reed I m one of the new followers of you re method yoga system. This is my second week since I start practicing. I watch you re videos training on YouTube. They are awesome. I was wondering if you have a training book or training DVD that I can purchase. Thank you and all the respect and admiration. Cristian

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