Ostional Beach

Yoga in NatureYoga Retreat in Nicaragua Deepens The Yogic Experience

Are you considering Nicaragua for your next yoga retreat? This is the place for special people looking for an extraordinary yoga experience in  harmony with nature. Yoga lovers looking to deepen their yogic experience together with like minded people, who might become friends for life. In our yoga retreat in Nicaragua you can have it all!

El Ostional

sea turtl In the small fishing village of Ostional, by the Pacific Ocean, you will enjoy an exotic environment with wild animals like sea turtles and monkeys.  The village life in Ostional is very friendly and relaxed, all in harmony with the nature. Our model is “community turism” which aims to include local communities like indigenous people or small villages in the rural area like Ostional. In Ostional there are no fancy hotels or busy bars and the locals run the majority of the tourist’s activities which makes them of significant importance for your stay. Ostional Yoga retreat will not only bring you yoga on the mat it will also bring you spectacular yogic experiences off the yoga mat.

Ostional map 1

Living On The Beach

You will have the beach as your living room during your stay with us. You will soon notice how good you will feel close with the nature away from the everyday buzz of internet and stress. At first it can be quiet overwhelming but you will soon get familiar with  all the sounds that surrounds you; the wind, the early birds singing for you during yoga practice and the sound of the waves crushing in to the shore. You will also like the way living in harmony with nature makes you feel. Waking up early, practicing yoga, eating food that hasn’t been in a container or on a shelf for 6 months. You will start to smile for no reason and you will have limitless energy. 🙂

Sometimes you can hear a couple of howler monkeys or see some cows on the beach.  During the night, if it is a clear sky, you can see the stars in the Mlky Way and if it is a full moon….woaw you will experience that power also.  Ostional beach is home for the sea turtles traveling across the waters  each year to lay their eggs. You can help us to keep them safe from people stealing their eggs. The sea turtles are very precious  in Ostional, many people are involved in guarding them, (unfortunately there are also a few who kill them and steal their eggs) as this beach is one of the few in the whole world where they nest.


beachhouseWe have two different accommodations for you and they are of course located on the beach. They are not the most fancy places you have ever seen but they allow us to keep an affordable price for the food and accommodation package. We are sure you will be happy with what we have to offer!

Beach House: Located right on the beach only a couple of hundred meters form the yoga rancho. Large rooms with lots of light, 3-4 students in each room with bathroom for each room. Large beautiful recreational area and best surf spot on the beach. (We have a couple of bords if you want to catch an early wave). Ervin Victor and his lovely wife are you around the clock guards who will help you with everything. Beds are of “dorm” quality.

mantarayaHostel Mantaraya:  Located on the north side of the beach. It will take you 15-20 minutes to walk to the yoga rancho. The hostel is a family owned place with  simple but clean and nice rooms, all with ocean view. On Mantaraya you can rent kayaks and the owner organizes boat tours and hikes for those who are interested. Small double room with their own shower. Beds are of better quality.


Yoga Off The Mat – Creating ripple effects

200017C7-354D-42F6-867C-917F8313A331Seva means off the yoga mat volunteer work or self less service, and in Indian tradition referred to as a work offered to God without expectations of return. But it is not any kind of work, it has a pay-it-forward effect, meaning that the results and benefits creates a ripple effect in a desired positive way.

Karma Yoga – The Yoga Of Action

Karma yoga is also often used when referring to offering selfless service. Karma yoga  means following ones own Dharma or personal path in life but it also means selfless service or action. Performing the right tasks without expecting any reward in return. To offer the fruits of actions as an expression of love for the divine and the unity, which is called yoga. Karma yoga is to heal, to help and to share and is based on the teachings in Bhagavad Gita.