Travel To Nicaragua


How to get to Nicaragua

FROM THE US Several U.S. airlines fly directly from Miami to Managua (MGA).

FROM EUROPE If you are traveling from Europe you might want to look at Norwegian Airlines to Florida and Spirit Airlines from Florida to Managua.

FROM SOUTH AMERICA You can also fly to Liberia, Costa Rica and travel on your own to Ostional which is located close to the border.

Please book your flight as soon as possible after you have signed up and alert us of your arrival.

Pick up from MGA /Managua/San Juan del Sur

We will do a pick up in the morning on the arrival day and we will try to organize it so your waiting time will be as short as possible. Check the schedule and wait for the details for the different training locations. We will pick up from Managua, MGA Airport and San Juan del Sur. If you arrive one day earlier can stay in Managua or take the bus to San Juan del Sur. Here you can book a hotel in Managua directly online.

Map nicaNicaragua is a natural paradise

Nicaragua, this beautiful land of lakes and volcanoes, is located in Central America between the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean. This is a tropical country with more than 10% of the planets biodiversity. The two largest rainforest reserves in Central America are to be found here. The reserves display a diversity of ecosystems and stunning geography marked by lakes, rivers and more than 50 volcanoes.

Nicaragua is more than a vacation destiny

It is a vibrant culture with a violent history and a country with unexplored treasures in the virgin nature. Nicaragua is one of the safest countries in Central and South America and with the friendly and hospital Nicas your stay will be filled with great memories.

Places to go in Nicaragua

We recommend that you take a couple of days around your yoga teacher training to explore Nicaragua. You can visit the beautiful “islas de Ometepe” not far from Ostional, where our yoga teacher training is held. You can also go south on Rio San Juan or north to visit Leon and Granada or travel to the Atlantic side and enjoy some of the most beautiful waters in Little and Big Corn Island. Welcome to paradise!

Here you can find some useful information

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