Rocket Vinyasa

Larry Schultz, who created the world-famous Rocket Series, was looking for a way to make the practice of Ashtanga accessible to a Western practitioner.

Unlike much of the Vinyasa Flow and Power Yoga offered in the Yoga world, Larry’s system was informed by over nine years of dedicated Ashtanga practice with his teacher, Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, the founder of Ashtanga Yoga. The routines are intelligently structured to open the body in a natural way and work through the joints systematically.

While the series take on a new form, they retain the same core principles of Ashtanga- breath, bandhas and drishti. Inside of the Rocket routines, you will find a template, a core sequence, that always exists.

The Rocket I reorders, but closely follows, the traditional Primary Series of Ashtanga.

The Rocket II follows the Second Series, and the Rocket III brings the I and II together for an invigorating 90 poses in 90 minutes.

Traditionally in Ashtanga, you progress in a linear fashion, receiving poses as your teacher allows them. The Rocket takes away the hierarchy of this system and empowers practitioners of all levels with access to postures found in the more advanced Ashtanga series.

This innovation earned Larry the reputation as the “Bad Man of Ashtanga,” a fact he loved to share with the thousands of people who fell in love with the Rocket, and Ashtanga, through his teaching.

A principle of this practice, and the practice of Ashtanga, is that repetition brings success. This is not an aphorism, it is the truth. When you commit to this practice, you will come to know the sequences. Over time, you become able to guide yourself through the practice rather than having a dependency upon a teacher. Rather than an exercise routine that values spontaneity, Yoga can become an inward journey when you’re not waiting to find out from someone else what’s next.

Hot Yoga is also extremely popular, but we know that you can learn to stoke your own internal fire with your breath. We like to create sweat organically, and we can teach you how to build the heat from the inside out. Anybody can sweat in a hot room.

Though the Rocket has a reputation for being challenging, it is accessible to everyone. Showing up to the mat with a spirit of humility, a willingness to look within and work through whatever comes up is going to positively transform every aspect of your life, in ways you may not even perceive in the beginning. The commitment that will serve you best is three days a week.

Your mind will make so many excuses why you can’t do it today, but just commit to showing up. Once you start moving, the practice takes care of itself and you leave feeling better than when you came in every single time.

There is nothing you have to accomplish. You just show up, breathe, do your best and let the Yoga do you.

Rocket I

Every Rocket Vinyasa Yoga™ sequence is made up of 4 parts. Starting with traditional ashtanga suryanamskaras, the sequence moves onto a original standing sequence, full of standard standing poses as well as arm balances to build strength and protect joints. On the floor, yogis will recognize the sequence as being a modification of the seated primary series. The series finishes off with the tradional ashtanga finishing series.

Rocket II

Building on the same standing series as Rocket I, Rocket II diverges when it comes to the seated series. Based on the back bending sequence of the seated intermediate series of ashtanga, this sequence complements the forward folds of Rocket I, laying the foundations of building a strong practice.

Rocket III

Designed as a way to finish off the week, this sequence is a combination of both Rocket I and Rocket II. Combining the twisted and folds into a dynamic sequence designed to build strenght and flexibility.