Ten Reasons a Yoga Teacher Training in Nicaragua is For You

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Why Nicaragua?

Nicaragua. Land of Lakes and Volcanoes. Country with a poet’s heart. Mountains, oceans, plains, rainforest. A wild, beautiful, yet sometimes misunderstood, paradise for adventurers and seekers of all kinds. Central America’s diamond in the rough. Doing a yoga teacher training anywhere will change your life. But doing your yoga teacher training in Nicaragua will also transform your soul. Nicaragua and its people will welcome you home even if you’ve never been here before.

Now it’s considered one of the safest destinations in Central America, but because of a heavy history Nicaragua has not always been on the top of everyone’s travel list.  It’s abundant natural beauty and the lovely Nica people have turned that perception around in recent years, as is evidenced by Nicaragua’s presence in articles and magazines, including the New York Times. Anyone who has been to Nicaragua will tell you: it’s changed them, and for the better.

In no particular order, here are 10 reasons to come to Nicaragua for your yoga teacher training or next yoga retreat.

1. Its Landscape

Dozens of active volcanoes with their own ecosystems. Enormous lakes. The biggest, Lake Nicaragua, the twentieth-largest lake in the world, is so big, it even has its own fresh water sharks! There are amazing lagoons, rain forests, cloud forests and an abundance of plant and animal species. Nicaragua contains 7% of the world’s biodiversity and has the second largest rain forest on the American continent. Being this close to such spectacular nature and away from crowded cities and towns will clear the way for your stay at the yoga retreat to bring you to a new level of seeing, listening, learning and being.

2. The Climate

What can be said about the climate in Nicaragua but perfecto?! Whether you come in invierno or verano, Nica’s climate is a tropical climate which makes it a year-around tourist destination. In winter, invierno, otherwise known as the rainy season, the rain you’ll see on the Pacific Coast is minimal and only adds to the lushness of the forest canopy. In the dry season it’s nothing but blue skies and sun for as far as the eye can see.

3. Its Proximity

Nicaragua’s location, between the Pacific and the Atlantic [or Caribbean] coasts, in the heart of Central America, makes for easy access for travelers from the rest of the American continent. The capital, Managua, is only about two and a half hours by air from Houston or Miami.

4. The Food

Nicaragua’s delicious traditional cuisine is abundant with fresh tropical fruits and vegetables. On the Coasts, you can count on some of the freshest fish you’ve ever had prepared simply and deliciously. Many of the farmers in Nicaragua do not use harmful pesticides which means the food is free from toxins that we might normally worry about. And the coffee? We think, and you might agree, it’s some of the best in the world.

5. Its History

In Nicaragua, cities like Léon and Granada boast grand colonial architecture. Granada was founded 1524 by Francisco Hernendez de Cardoba and was the first European city in the Americas. A place for poets even today, a visit to Granada alone is worth the trip to Nicaragua. Léon was the city of the revolutionaries, evidence of which you’ll see today in some of the amazing murals and artwork that you pass on nearly every city block.

6. The Surf

Nicaragua is a surfer’s paradise with miles of unspoiled Pacific coastline and amazing surf spots not yet discovered by the masses. Even for newbies, everywhere you go, there will be someone on hand to teach you how to ride your first wave, an experience that quickly becomes a habit. Many of the yoga retreat centers in Nicaragua also offer surfing instruction and inside scoop on which are the beaches not to miss.

7. The “Nicas”

In Nicaragua, you won’t find all-inclusive, five-star, expensive chain resorts like in the neighboring countries. In Nicaragua, most hotels and tourist activities are managed by the Nicaraguans themselves or people who came to Nicaragua, fell in love and stayed. You get more than the value of the room for your dollars – you get a community of people who are happy to help and proud to show you their beautiful Nicaragua, always making sure you enjoy your stay. For a country of people who have never really had it easy, the Nicas know how to live in the present moment, and cherish it for everything it offers.

8. The Absence of Worry

Nicaragua is one of the safest countries in Latin America. Period. Common sense prevails when traveling – the same common sense one would use in most cities and countries around the world, or where ever we call home.

9. The Poets

Nicaragua loves its poets who have had a great and lasting impact on modern poetry and literature. The most important national poet, Rubén Darío, is known as the creator of modernism. He is interred in the great Cathedral in Léon. Other world-famous Nicaraguan poets and writers include Ernesto Cardenal, priest and former culture minister in Nicaragua, and Alfonso Cortez, who wrote his poems while he was suffering from delirium and chained to the iron bars of his bedroom window!

10. You

Nicaragua is an interesting place that draws interesting people. Travelers like you, who want something off the well-worn path, choose Nicaragua. You will meet people from all over the world who are, like you, looking for adventure and experiences that will change your life by enriching it.

Seize this moment and make Nicaragua the destination for your yoga teacher training or retreat. See yourself here.

Its Yoga Nicaragua

“We offer Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Trainings and Yoga Retreats at various exotic locations along Nicaragua’s Pacific Coast.

We believe that by being in an environment in harmony with nature one can bring a depth and authenticity to the yoga experience that is of great value for personal development.

Our goal is to provide our students with that special experience by offering our trainings at a variety of eco-lodges in Nicaragua, each of which have their own strong philosophy on how to make the word a better place.”


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  1. Absolute the landscape is one of the reasons that stun me and a week of inspiring yoga, surf training, pleasure, delightful food and lively experience in one of our favorite countries on earth. This is definitely everything what you want for a yoga experience.

    • Indeed my friend
      Sun Yoga Surf and a lot of Love

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