Yoga And Brain Function

Posted by on Oct 16, 2016 in Meditation, Yoga and Brain, Yoga and Healing

Can a consistent yoga practice change the brain? I’ve heard many spiritual teachers claim just that in regards to this still mysterious organ. It’s apparent in my Ashtanga practice, that the benefits have been plentiful. Yoga has improved my clarity of mind, tremendously reduced anxiety and depression, and all but eliminated my chronic insomnia. This is no small accomplishment considering I tried many alternative therapies for years with no avail. The Research Says… An...

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3 Ways To Get Your Focus Back

Posted by on Jul 19, 2016 in Yoga Philosophy

Do you believe yourself to be a multitasking master? Being on the internet and browsing trough your social media while simultaneously doing something else. We have all been there, smartphone in hand, and at the end of the day wondering what did I do today exactly and where did all the hours go. The truth is that we didn’t really accomplish anything and the multitasking in fact was harming our brain. The most important thing in your life is how to stay focused. It is...

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Pranayama The Art Of Breathing

Posted by on Jun 27, 2016 in Yoga and Healing, Yoga Asanas

Pranayama holds a special place in yoga. Yoga practitioners, whether at a beginner or an advanced level, have all implemented breath control as an essential part of their practice. In fact, being aware of the breath and synchronizing with it sets yoga apart from other practices. Breath gives us the gift of life. We draw in “Prana” or life force with each breath that allows universal energy to pulsate through us. Breathing is a subconscious act and and most of us take it...

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Yoga Outdoors: Removing The Conditions From Your Practice

Posted by on Apr 21, 2016 in Global Yoga, Yoga Philosophy

By: Katie Lee Why is removing conditions from your yoga practice and your life so important? On my most recent adventure in Colombia where I had practice a lot of yoga outdoors I met a fellow traveller from North America. After talking for a little bit the subject moved to yoga. He expressed his love of yoga and how much he benefited from his practice…at home. He explained that in no way could he practice yoga outdoors in nature, only at his studio in his home city. He...

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The Scientifically Proven Healing Power of Yoga

Posted by on Apr 9, 2016 in Yoga and Healing

Yoga heals.  While this may seem like old news to those for whom the yoga mat is an old friend, the medical world is just starting to catch on to what yoga practitioners have long known. The therapeutic healing power of yoga asana is no longer an anecdotal wonder, but a scientifically backed phenomenon. Next time your favorite skeptic rolls their eyes at yet another one of your “healing power of yoga” stories point them towards the many studies that are telling the same...

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