Cosmic Chakras Part 1: Self-Awareness, Sensitivity, and the Stars

Posted by on Dec 10, 2015 in Ashtanga Yoga, Yoga and Healing, Yoga Asanas, Yoga Teacher Training

Full Moon and Ashtanga Yoga For Ashtanga yoga practitioners, the new and full moons are frequently a cause for celebration. Abstaining from yoga practice on these astrologically significant days, many Ashtanga practitioners relish a much-needed break. As time goes on, however, the anticipation of these days goes beyond the enjoyment of a rare morning spent sleeping in. Simultaneously honoring the moon’s rhythms and purifying the body through yoga, we become increasingly...

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The Meaning of Ujjayi Breathing

Posted by on Sep 29, 2015 in Ashtanga Yoga, Yoga Teacher Training

Ujjayi Infatuation: Falling In Love With The Breath Ashtanga yoga is obsessed with breath. For Ashtangi’s, no movement on the mat is complete without a corresponding inhale or exhale, meticulously executed according to a carefully observed count. Each posture is a study of how the breath moves in the body, finding grace and strength through its effective use. We measure our time in each pose not by musical cues or a stopwatch, but by the passing of breath. Even our led...

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