Rocket Yoga – The First Power Yoga

Posted by on Sep 7, 2016 in Ashtanga Yoga

Rocket Yoga is a part of what Larry Schultz, the founder of It’s Yoga, called a system or a holistic approach to the traditional Ashtanga Yoga. The system is based on a 6 days a week practice schedule that targets different parts of the body and challenges the practitioner differently through out the week. Rocket Yoga was one of the first styles of Power Yoga. Power Yoga a Vinyasa Style Yoga The general term Power Yoga describes a vinyasa style yoga, inspired by...

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Yoga And Travel: Living In The Question

Posted by on May 11, 2016 in Global Yoga, Yoga in Nicaragua, Yoga Philosophy, Yoga Teacher Training

 By: Katie Lee If I could give my 16 year-old self one piece of advice it would be to be to practice yoga and travel while living in the question. I may not have known exactly what this meant ten years ago but the seed would be planted ready to slowly grow, sprout, and eventually blossom into a much better understanding of this world even earlier than it already was. I always seemed happy and carefree on the outside but on the inside I was stressed, anxious, and put a lot...

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