Saving Turtles in Los Cardones

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Several beaches in Nicaragua, both on the Pacific side and on the Atlantic side, are among a few in the whole world where the sea turtles come each year to lay their eggs.
The different species of sea turtles needs protection from people stealing their eggs as consuming turtle eggs has been a custom in Nicaragua, and other countries, for generation. The custom, based on the myth of turtle eggs being an aphrodisiacs, has triggered the consumption in all parts of the society. During our yoga teacher trainings we often help out with the turtles.

Last week in Los Cardones the turtle gards woke us up at sun rice and we got to help the tiny little turtles to get to the beach. It is an amazing feeling to help them, they are so tiny and strong and they will swim all the way from Nicaragua to the shores in Australia.Saving Turtles in Los Cardones.

I learned that it takes 35 years for the green turtle to mature and start laying eggs, and when thay do lay their eggs they only do it about 7 times during their life.

What happened next on the Pacific Ocean in Nicaragua you do not want to know about. One day the guards told us that they had found hundreds of dead turtles near San Juan del Sur. It turned out that there is a hunting for their eggs going on when the hunters use dynamite to blow the life out of hundreds of turtles at the time. Then they cut them open to steal their eggs. this is going on just outside of the turtle conservatorie. How can we stop this? All because stupid people believe in a stupid lie.

turtleProtecting the turtles

There are several non profit organization dedicated to protect the sea turtles and we help Paso Pasifico with their work in saving and protecting the turtles in Ostional as well as having the privilage to help in Los Cardones as well. Within the organization of Paso Pasifico there are turtle rangers who patrol the beaches, monitoring the nests and protecting hatchlings from predators. This is where we help, in the different activities together with the rangers.


You can help saving sea turtles everyday by following these steps:

  • Do not use plastic bags, the turtles confuse them with jelly fish and choke on them.
  • Do not eat swordfish and tuna, they are caught on longlines which also catches turtles.

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