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Traditional diets consist mainly of raw plant based foods and weeds.

A healthy diet is a diet with organic whole food like vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, grains and berries.

How much of the food you should cook depends on your body and the season. The raw food movement these days is huge and there are many conflicting facts about living only on raw plant based foods. If you are on a spiritual path you would want to eat more of the raw plant based foods. You would want to take care of your body temple, activate your light and the most suitable fuel is food with a lot of Rock Your Yoga On Plant Based Foodspranic energy, as raw and natural as possible. I have seen that some people do well on raw plant based foods while some tend to fade away with less energy after a while.

Easy absorption is key to digestion of plant based foods

Some foods are perfect for eating raw, like tomatoes, while others, like potatoes and broccoli, are better cooked. Even though you are eating raw plant based foods you need to prepare the food with soaking, grinding, mixing and fermenting so your body really can absorb the nutrients, and that might just be the problem for those people feeling they lack the energy after a while on that particular diet. Generally I always recommend to my clients eating a big part of their diet raw and if they want to go for a diet that consists mainly of raw food they might try it out for a period of time first. Remember when I say raw I include prepared food that has not been heated, like fermented foods. If you decide to follow the seasons you can try eating more raw food during the hot season.

Raw Cacao and Almonds

Raw Cacao and Almonds

Too much fat intake while eating raw plant based foods

I know a lot of people who are eating too many nuts and seeds unaware of the fact that nuts and seeds contains high levels of fat. What happens is that people get hungry from not eating enough variation so they snack away on flax seed crackers and cashew nuts all day – wondering why the have so much excess body fat and low energy.

Adding in fruits and vegetables

If you are on the brink of changing to a healthier lifestyle I encourage you to add as much fruits, vegetables and preferably greens to your existing diet as possible. Don´t think about giving anything up yet, just focus on adding in. You will experience what this change will do to you in terms of energy and contentment and you will naturally want to eat more healthy. You will start making the right decisions, choosing greens instead of hamburgers.

Take away:

The key is to add a lot of organic raw plant based foods to every meal. They are rich in fibers, vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. An excellent way to get the benefits of the raw vegetables and fruits is juicing. A green juice is like instant life force/prana. Make a green smoothie for breakfast with lots of greens. Add a dash of olive oil, some sea salt, garlic and flax seed. If you like fruit – eat fruit before every meal on an empty stomach – you won´t touch the ground after doing that for a couple of weeks.

We teach about nutrition in our Yoga training programs

Catarina Lacayo, Dr of Naprapathy, Holistic Health Coach and E-RYT 200 Ashtanga Yoga “We believe that by learning about nutrition and implementing the knowledge of bio individuality we can, not only live a healthy life free from diseases, but also gain strength, vitality and clarity for body, mind and spirit. In our destination yoga teacher training programs we focus on serving fresh, organic and locally grown food as well as teaching about nutrition and healthy eating. I am a certified holistic health coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and Edwin is a trained chef with a passion for healthy cooking.”

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