My Yoga Philosophy

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My Yoga Philosophy

One of the requirements for our 200 hour yoga certificate is writing a personal yoga teaching statement.

This is the yoga teacher statement written by Stephanie Gurewitz who did her training with us is July 2013.  Enjoy.


Catarina Lacayo

Director Its Yoga Nicaragua


We often forget that we can control our breathing, and that we can control our life. In life we have choices; we choose what to eat, what to wear, what we put into our bodies, who we are friends with, what kind of work we want to do; we also choose what NOT to do. The choices we make directly contribute to our happiness, perceived success, our destiny, if you will. As a female, a social worker, an exercise enthusiast, teacher and human being, I am conscious about the choices I make and committed to helping others make choices that are healthy for them as well.

Stephanie GurewitzYoga is a means through which I have made positive choices in my life and is something I want to share with others. In particular, I would like to teach others about yoga, its meaning and benefits. As a social worker, I am familiar with the stress and challenge people experience in their lives. Teaching yoga is one way to manage these obstacles, and a less conventional or widely accepted (but possibly more powerful) way than psychotherapy. My goal is to reach the population of yogis who are looking for peace in their lives. I want to reach those who are in search of calming their minds, simplifying their life, and finding ways to explore their inner selves. Most importantly, I want to utilize yoga as a vehicle for living in the present, feeling the present and truly being in the present – something we all forget to do. What you live, others will see.

In an approach to teaching yoga to a population such as the above mentioned, it is necessary to be able to build good rapport with students. Students need to trust you, need to feel important, cared for, and to be able to approach you. To make students feel comfortable, you can demonstrate you are knowledgeable – by exuding confidence, keeping an open mind, a sense of humor, and by being yourself. It is my goal to make students feel comfortable so they can get the most out of their practice. I hope they learn not only sequencing poses or breathing correctly, but how to connect their bodies to their minds, and how to identify with their most inner selves.

Teaching goes beyond the mat. Being a teacher is a way to truly impact others’ lives. The type of teacher (and human being) you are will directly impact your life and the lives of your students. In life, change is the only constant. What yoga, and Ashtanga yoga specifically, provides is a constant. Yoga is an outlet, a religion, a belief, a sacred place, a value, an exercise, a meditation, a life-altering experience. At any point in time, or in any place, each of these can be accessed. Yoga provides consistency for us in the ever-changing world. I want to remind students that there is always something accessible that they can rely on; yoga. Whether it’s been a long day at work, an illness, divorce or breakup, general stress, addiction, or lack of self-confidence, there is always a way that yoga can positively impact your life.

My philosophy is:

I will provide a means through which everyone can access yoga. I will create a stable, comfortable, educational environment for teaching yoga; its philosophy and function. I am a conduit for each individual as they continue refine their own meaning and practice of yoga.

Stephanie Gurewitz Stephanie Gurewitz, USA.

Social worker and Yoga Teacher.





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