Los Niños de San Pedro

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Hi! I am Samantha, a recent graduate from It’s Yoga Nica!

SamanthaAfter my yoga teacher training in September 2013, I was inspired to keep exploring myself and the world around me, which led me into an amazing part of Guatemala- San Pedro La Laguna on Lake Atitlan.

After just a few weeks here, I fell in love with the scenery, Maya culture, and most importantly the people. Staying with a family,I had a chance to see the “real life” for those living in Guatemala.

As a teacher, I was drawn to wanting to help the students after seeing the lack of resources that the public schools and students receive.
I decided to start a fundraiser, so that we, together can provide what these amazing students are missing.

Their school year starts in January, so I just have a few months to try to raise enough money to reach our goals.
Most importantly, I would like to start libraries in the two public schools I will be working at.

These children deserve the opportunity to read, and expand their minds! Our other goals are to provide basic school supplies to
students, allowing them to be able to attend school and educational materials for the classroom. I hope that throughout the year, with the help of others, I can have workshops after- school for interested students- such as Yoga, Music, Art, etc!

Please visit the GoFundMe page if you are interested in donating, and watch the video (bottom of the page) to get a better idea about the community and project.

Please SHARE THE LOVE to anyone and everyone.

Together, we CAN give these students the opportunity to better the future, and open their minds.

Much love and light to all of you !

Los Niños de San Pedro from Samantha Lethio on Vimeo.

samantha 4 Samantha Lethio is a certified Ashtanga Yoga Teacher with It’s Yoga Nica.

Read an extract of Samantha’s Yoga Teacher Statement Philosophy here.

Samantha's Yoga Philosophy

I myself have experienced the transformation that yoga leads to, in just a few months that I have been practicing. I truly look forward to the neverending journey that lies ahead.

Yoga is both suitable and beneficial for everyone. That is one of the most beautiful things I have found, there is a yoga for every type of person. In yoga, we are wakening up our spirit each time we practice and enriching our spiritual journey with the divine. I intend to share this with my students so they can better their lives in every aspect possible. While we wake up our spirits, this may also lead into a path of self healing, bettering the body though nutrition, having a positive outlook of life and keeping balanced within yourself and outside of yourself in your everyday life. Inside all of us there is a piece of the divine as we are all children of the universe.

We are all capable of more than most people can fathom. This is the genreral spirit I hope my students take away from my classes. I want to share with my students the way yoga has changed my life though mind, body and spirit and I hope to inspire and guide them through their own spiritual journey.


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