How To Create A Yoga Retreat At Home

Posted by on Dec 18, 2017 in Ashtanga Yoga

Creating a yogic space in your home

Yoga retreats serve as a break from the mundane, stressful and often chaotic nature of everyday life. They are usually located in serene, remote locations such as by a Nicaraguan beach. This allows followers of yoga to fully disconnect with the modern world and tune back in with nature, the universe and their inner selves. But what about when you want to practice at home? Here’s how to recreate the feeling of a yoga retreat inside your own home.

Selecting a room

Yoga is best practiced in silence, away from distractions. However, it is unfeasible for most people to build an entire soundproofed studio. Ideally though, you will be able to find a room that can be all yours. Perhaps a bedroom – if you don’t share it – or a home office.

If possible, select a room with plenty of natural light at the time of day you wish to practice. Big windows or doors you can open to let in the breeze are perfect. If you have a room where the sunrise will shine through, this could be a calming, yet energizing start to the day. Natural light will improve vision, sleep, mood and increase vitamin D intake. 


So you’ve chosen a room. How can you design it to replicate a professional yoga retreat? Remove anything that could be harmful to the air, such as chemical cleaners or paraffin candles. Explore the benefits of soy candles in creating a relaxing atmosphere, while keeping the air clean to breathe.

Decorate the room with colors which aid psychological wellbeing. Blues are calming, while greens imply harmony with nature and violet has connotations of spiritual awakening and authenticity. Bright colors will create a feeling of spaciousness and leave you feeling refreshed and alert.

This is a room dedicated to personal growth, so it should be filled with the most beautiful objects. Surrounding yourself with beauty improves quality of life, so choose paintings, sculptures and furniture which you really enjoy looking at. That way, you will feel happy and comfortable when you come to practice yoga at home. Therefore you will be continuing to develop your yoga skills even when you aren’t attending a retreat.

There is no substitution for a well designed yoga retreat. However, when it is not possible to attend one, there are steps to make a good copy at home. Choose a private room and keep the decorations simple yet elegant, so that you can continue to get the most out of yoga.

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