How to be a successful yoga instructor (part 3 of 3)

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What is the right yoga instructor training for me?

Distance or local yoga instructor training?

What training shall you choose? By now you have probably realized that there are many to choose from. You can stay at home and do a training at you local yoga studio or you can go abroad, to India or why not Central America. Of course I want you to do the training with us but the truth is that our training doesn´t fit everyone.

The obvious advantage for staying at home is that you know for sure what you get. You enroll with your local yoga school and get to work with the teachers that you trust and know.

Going on a distance training has it advantages too as you will have the time and the space to fully focus on your development and growth. Often times you will get more out of a distance teacher training when it comes to both the personal development part and the learning experiences. You will be able to spend more focused time on learning and at the same time connect with new yoga friends that might be important business or training partners in the future, not to mention how enriching it is to connect with peers from different parts of the world that are on a similar journey as you are.

The practice of yoga teaches you how to deal with obstacles and difficulties on the mat and in real life. You get to practice the real life, yoga off the mat, right away in an intensive distance training.  When you are staying close together with other people from other parts of the world in a foreign country with new customs and new food it really puts yourself up to the test if you can walk your yoga talk.

Ashtanga Yoga Teacher TrainingWhat style of yoga shall I chose?

We strongly recommend that you stick to a specific traditional yoga style, Hatha Yoga, Kundalini or whatever style you like. Mixing and matching to some kind of Hatha Power Flow Vinyasa Yoga just dilutes the teaching and makes you confused. Having a solid ground of a traditional yoga style will make you a confident and powerful practitioner as well as teacher. In the It´s Yoga system the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga is our foundation and we can build more advanced series in a modern and free way when we know the foundations. Whatever school you choose make sure they have a strong rooting in one of the traditional yoga methods.

Yoga Alliance

Most yoga studios require a minimum of 200 hours of training in a Yoga Alliance certified program. After the first 200 hours of training you will get a (CYT) Certified Yoga Teacher degree. After another 200 hours of teaching you can apply for (RYT) Registered Yoga Teacher. There are also more advanced degrees up to 500 hours of training where you can get more specialized. On this level you study anatomy and yoga philosophy on a deeper level.

You have probably seen that yoga schools advertise that they are accredited by Yoga Alliance. This simply means that they are, for an annual fee, listed with Yoga Alliance and have agreed to follow certain terms and conditions regarding the content and the execution of the yoga instructor programs. Yoga Alliance is like a directory, they do not visit or control the registered school to see if their quality meet with the requirements. You yourself have to investigate the school to see if it is matching your expectations. Look for reviews, speak to the head teacher and ask for references to call.

How much does a yoga instructor training cost?

It varies from $2500 up to over $4000 for the tuition for a 200-hours training depending on where and with whom you enroll. In Sweden we charged $ 2700 for the 200 hour and in Nicaragua we charge $1800.  Are you looking to do a distance yoga teacher training you can probably count on between $3000 – $7000 including everything. This is an investment in you and your future and considering there is a big demand for yoga instructors, and it is growing, it is probably going to be one of the best investments you have ever done.

how to be a yoga instructor 8The best part of being a yoga instructor

I love my work. I love yoga and one of the great gifts that yoga bring each day is to be able to support people to healthier and happier lives. It is an instant gratitude in seeing the positive changes in people’s lives. Because it happens right away, it is not something you have to wait 10 years for.

For me the satisfaction is to create new ways for people to connect, to themselves and those around, through yoga, in the classroom, on the internet or with yoga instructor trainings.

Yoga is growing, now it is your calling to get serious and help us spreading the silent revolution of yoga.

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