How to be a successful yoga instructor part 1 of 3

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 How do you know you are ready to do a yoga instructor training?

One of the first questions we get from a prospective student is: “Do you think I am ready to do the training?”.

The requirements for doing a yoga instructor training varies from one school to another. Some schools require many years of consistent practice and proof that you have excelled in a specific sequence or mastered a specific asana before they let you participate. Other schools, like ours, do not have any specific requirements other than that your love for the yoga practice and that you have an open and positive mind for learning and growing.

how to be a yoga instructor 2What is a yoga instructor training?

Before we can clearly answer the question we need to define what is really a yoga instructor.
If you think you will be a yoga teacher, telling other the truth about yoga, you are wrong.

The basic 200 hours is about establishing your own personal practice from where your instructional and guiding energy will flow to inspire your students. The basic training is about you, the training should hold a safe and motivational space for you to take the step or leap of faith into a new lifestyle, a modern yogic lifestyle.

It is first and foremost a personal development training where you will learn how to listen to your inner authentic voice and your true self. How does one listen inside every day? How does one stay aligned and in touch with one’s heart, mind, body and spirit on a daily basis? Learning the ancient practice on how to be true to one´s nature so you can be a positive force on the planet.

The 200 hours basic yoga instructor training should be a minimum requirement for every serious yoga practitioner. To have the possiblity to dive into, to immerse into, to establish new habits and learn how to take the steps towards a yogic lifestyle.

the goal of yogaThe goal of yoga.

Yoga is not about performance, it is not another exercise program on your local gym. Yoga is bigger than you and me. It is a gift handed down to us from generations and generations of gifted yoga teachers. A tool to lead us on the path towards enlightenment.

We are living in turbulent times and yoga is the silent revolution that gives us back our power, our divine intelligence and our purpose. The time for yoga is now

A yoga instructor training is not only about learning the theory of yoga so you can teach it to others. Of course you need to know the proper alignments, the anatomy and the yoga history but that is just one part of it all. The bigger part is about understanding your potentials, letting go of ego self, self-criticism and enter the path of becoming who you really are – being an inspiration for others and a positive force on the planet. This training is you first step.

A yoga instructor training is all about your self realization.

Our typical student is one who has been practicing for a while and feel that the amazing results and experiences they are having from yoga simply has to be shared with others. They are already dragging all their friends to class and trying to persuade their spouse to join. They feel that there are more joy in seeing others happy than doing something for their own sake.

Or someone who has felt a positive change in their life since they started and know that yoga is for them. They want to deepen their practice without necessarily teaching it to others. You do not have to be teaching asanas to be an ambassador of yoga on the planet. Investing in yourself to be a better you, improving your relationships with others and building your self esteem will benefit the universe.

To feel that you want to share yoga with others or becoming a better person are a signs that you are ready. As you can see it has little to do with whether or not you can do Marichasana D perfect. Anyone can learn an advanced asana but can you let go of your inner critic? That is another game.

how to be a yoga instructor 3Learn as you teach: practice what you teach and teach what you practice.

When I joined my first training I had no idea what I could expect, I was just following my intuition that this was good for me. I wanted to teach but I soon understood that the more I invested in myself the more I could support others in their journey. This is the key right here, if you get this you have it. We teach what we practice and that makes it a positive circle of wisdom between you and the people you work with, call them your students or your yoga trainees. It is a give and take and you will learn as much in this process.

If you still are having second thoughts about not being good enough I can tell you two things. The first is that if you are still reading you are ready. The second is that our most successful instructors have been beginners. Why where they more successful that an advanced practitioner? They had more humility and patience. They could easier relate to the different struggles people had. You see again, it has little to do with the traditional teacher – student role we are used to or how great you are as a practitioner. (You can never be good at yoga only good at practicing yoga.) It has all to do about your love for the practice and wanting to share it with others.

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