How Do You Want To Yoga Your Life?

Posted by on May 3, 2013 in Yoga in Nicaragua

Yoga produces creativity

I am a creator. When the creation is manifested and established my mind starts to come up with new ideas.  Most of the time I can not keep up the pace but now and again something important rises (might turn in to an obsession) that slows me down. Like the idea I had to move to Nicaragua and provide the “yoga starving” Nicaraguans with some real Yoga.

How Do You Want To Yoga Your Life?

This creator mood has been” me” since I was a child, and it is bigger than me and even though it seems crazy I do what I have to do to find a solution to a problem nobody else have ever  thought about. The word obsession comes to my mind, but it sound so negative, this feels more like a divine force. It is sometimes disorganized and sometime pretty sharp. My  intuition gave me both red and green when I started to think about moving to Nicaragua but I felt that I had to go, no matter what, even though, to be honest with you, the red light was suspiciously strong.

Shiny happy people…

I had the idea one day, that picture in my head, of a yoga community, on the beach of the Pacific Ocean. Ecological farming, houses in terraces along the mountain side. happy people, horses and wild animals. Yoga and Love! – We have to do it, I thought – it is in our reach.

We gave up everything

The only way to figure out if it works is to go for it. Edwin, my husband,was a little hard to persuade, now I can understand why but at the time I could not understand why not.  He liked Stockholm, after all – it is the most bad ass town ever. But for me, born and raised in the town on water I needed an adventure. And adventures I  got plenty off.

Another one bites the dust

Unfortunately non of our grand plans worked. Few people where interested in coming to Nicaragua for yoga back in 2009, it is still slow. We spent all our money on a water system on the farm and had all our equipment stolen. When we started a yoga school in Managua we had the misfortune off trusting some really low class people with bad moral and the school never was more than a pathetic attempt to do something. We learned how to bite the dust and get back up.

We failed. We where in a vicious circle  simple stupid minds and “you got to be kidding me” bureaucracy. At some points in your life you are more grateful for your yoga practice. This was one of those times.

The turn around

Four years have past since we came and I feel that the time has finally come for Nicaragua to be a spot on the map for adventurers and yogis.  There is so much for people to learn and experience here. We are here because we had that intuitive knowledge that by providing a space here, a sanctuary for people to come and explore themselves and the nature around them they can heal. Heal and bring light, happiness and inspiration to the world. Hallelujah!

We believe that by practicing yoga, on and off the mat, in this beautiful country, in the astoundingly beautiful nature depth, clarity and meaning will be added to your life. Namaste!

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We are happy to welcome you to join one of our yoga teacher trainings or retreats. The centers we work with are carefully selected to suit you when you are visiting us. We also welcome groups of students to our own center in Ostional. Contact us here.Read more about us here.

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