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yoga-instructor-trainingFor the best yoga training anywhere look no further than yoga instructor training in Nicaragua.

We will teach you to become an ashtanga yoga teacher for different levels of students in our Yoga Alliance accredited yoga teacher program. If this has long been your dream, why wait? Come to Nicaragua and receive your training from high qualified senior  yoga instructors and become the yoga instructor you’ve dreamed of becoming.

The 200 Hour Yoga Instructor Training in Nicaragua

We strictly follow the recommended practices and guidelines of Yoga Alliance. We are approved to teach trainers from level YTT 200 and beyond. After examination and for those who graduate our yoga instructor training in Nicaragua, with the Yoga Alliance approved system, you will be a confident and effective Ashtanga yoga instructor.

We have been doing programs for over 15 years and have given the world hundreds of yoga instructors with our programs. We support students in deepening their understanding and relationship to the practice of yoga by studying the ancient wisdom of the Ashtanga Yoga and the basic ingredients: breath, bandhas and dristhi.

You will love our approach. Our purpose is to provide yoga instructor training in Nicaragua that is supportive and where students can begin to connect with their inner teacher, internal wisdom and authentic voice. 

Through pranayama, asana practice, mind‑body, journalism, group conversation, reading and guided meditation, students will practice the essential process of listening to their higher selves. After the initial 200 hour program you can continue your education with us in our Rocket Yoga teacher training.


The 120 Hour Rocket Teacher Training

The purpose of this continuing yoga instructor training in Nicaragua is to invite students into the brainwork of the Rocket Series. This is appropriately dubbed the ‘feel‑good’ routine. The sequence and philosophy are well thought out and have been proven to be extremely effective. These are ground‑breaking routines in Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga. We present them in an open, fun, challenging and progressive way. Getting your yoga instructor training in Nicaragua, will be comprehensive, fun, and well worth it.

The Rocket Routines are shared in detail with the focus of flying through your practice and moving with grace and ease through life’s many experiences. We will provide you with a Rocket Training Manual as part of your yoga instructor training curriculum. The Rocket trainings consist primarily of students from our 200‑hour teacher training program but we welcome participants from other Yoga Schools as well. The trainings we provide are a great opportunity to put in some hours of practice without any distractions. You will become open to more routines, new ideas, and even new sequencing of your days.

The 120 hours are split into two models of 60 hours. One course of 60 hours is done over the course of 5 days so you will need two courses of 5 days to complete the 120 hours. Our yoga instructor training in Nicaragua will provide you with the foundation to begin to teach Rocket Routines in your own home town.

A yoga instructor must know him or herself well in order to be effective as a teacher for we cannot teach others until we have mastered ourselves. Our course will provide practices that will help you be a wonderful yoga instructor. 

For more information on what each course includes, we humbly invite you to visit our website at


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