Do I Need To Be Yoga Alliance Certified?

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The Yoga Alliance is a non profit organization representing yoga teachers, yoga schools and studios. The organization promotes and supports safe and high quality professional yoga training practices. It also focuses on spreading knowledge and awareness about the benefits of yoga to the general public.

There is Yoga Alliance, United States, Yoga Alliance Professionals, United Kingdom and Yoga Alliance International, India. All organizations have the same goal of raising and upholding high standards of teaching yoga in the world through similar framework of requirements for yoga teachers and yoga schools.

To register as a yoga teacher with any of these organizations students must receive a certificate of completion from a registered yoga school (RYS). The certificate  states that the students have passed the requirements for the designated program 200, 300 or 500 hour training. To receive a certificate of completion is not the same thing as becoming a certified yoga teacher. With the certificate of completion the student can apply for registration as a registered yoga teacher (RYT). The registration is recognized internationally allowing the yoga teacher to teach anywhere in the world.

Pros And Cons With Yoga Alliance

There are of course pros and cons with these organizations. A registration will certainly increase your credentials as a yoga teacher and it will be a way for studio owners to verify your teaching skills.  You will be part of an association that supports you in your work providing educational materials, publications, online trainings and workshops. You will also have access to legal counseling as well as customized insurances. By adding your profile on their directory you will increase your visibility.

There is also a down side that there is no real control or oversight of the registered schools or teachers that they are actually following the guidelines and the codes of conducts. It works more like a directory, you’ll do the paper work, pay the fees, get the stamp and the logo to put on your website and you will be on the list over registered schools or yoga teachers. Being a Yoga Alliance registered yoga teacher does not automatically make you a great teacher, in fact most really great teachers are not registered teachers.

We Encourage Our Students To Register

We, at It’s Yoga Nica, have chosen to register with both Yoga Alliance US and Yoga Alliance Professionals because we have students from all over the world in our yoga teacher training programs. We have seen a great improvement in the way both organizations are working towards raising the standard and providing education and support to the yoga world. As a student you can register with any of them regardless off you geographical location even though you have better insurance offers if you choose the one in your geographical area. We encourage all our students to register with Yoga Alliance and become an active member to continue their professional education as yoga teachers.

How To Sign Up Once You Have Completed Your 200 Hour Program

Yoga Alliance Professionals

Follow the link to send your membership application:

Yoga Alliance Professional Application

Yoga Alliance US

1.Create an account
2.Submit  a Program Confirmation Request to the RYS where you took your training.
3. Once your request is confirmed, pay your fees and you submit a review of your school.

Join Yoga Alliance US

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