Developing Dristhi

Posted by on Jul 19, 2013 in Meditation

Why does some people achieve more than others?

“One reason so few of us achieve what we truly want is that we never direct our focus; we never concentrate our power. Most people dabble their way through life without mastering anything in particular.” Tony Robbins

How come some people seems to accomplish more, have a higher level of self-discipline, make more money, have more fun. Yes just more of everything. What is the real secret to being successful with what you do?

Is it not true that almost all of us would like to be healthy, fit and with endless amount of energy?

Is it not true that almost all of us would like to make double the income to have enough for everything?

Is it not true that almost all of us what to have happy, loving relationships?

It somehow seems like we all want the same things. We all know what to do to get those things, we are all incredible smart, intelligent and gifted.

So what happens? Instead of focusing our efforts towards our goals in life and get what we want we get distracted and we develop “excusitis”. A severe disease when you blame your lack of self-discipline on others and on the circumstances. We find excuses for NOT doing the things we KNOW will get us where we want to go. How strange is that?

The cure for excusitis is developing the power of drishti

There are different components in self-realization or achievement, but the ability to focus and to stay disciplined is probably on top of the list . When your drishti is strong the discipline comes more easy(Developing Dristhi). The view of the path becomes clearer when the focus is strong and  uncomfortable feelings will no longer be obstacles that turns into excuses. The cure for excusitis and  the receipt for self-realization is to develop the skill of focusing.

The best and most proven way to developing your focusing skill  is your daily yoga or meditation practice. These thousands of years old spiritual practices has as goal to reach the state of emancipation and ultimate freedom of samadhi when your soul is united with the universal soul. On the journey, which may take several life times, the student of yoga works with the 8 limbs where one of the limbs is about mastering focus. It is called dharana and it is the sixth limb in the  Patanjali´s Ashtanga Yoga. Before you can practice dharana you need to go through prathyahara which means withdrawals of the senses from external objects. Our lives are filled with too many distraction and this might be the reason why we are having a hard time to even take the first step towards dharana. Why not start by eliminating some distractions?

Without single pointed focus nothing in this world can be achieved.

The ability to focus is nothing you just have or do not have, It is something you have to learn and develop. It is like training your physical body. You start out small and add-on a little at the time and you will develop your strengths. When you first start your yoga or mediation practice you might notice how easy you get distracted and lose your dristhi. With practice you will be able to hold it longer times and eventually holding the focus during your whole practice. In this way you will be able to apply this skill for your own self-realization and achieve anything you want in life.

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