Cosmic Chakras Part 2: Insights From The Planets

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Cosmic Chakras part 2

A framework to understand our energetic body

In our last post, we discussed the sensitivity cultivated through continuous Ashtanga practice. Overtime, yoga practice increases our awareness, helping us become more and more attuned to both external and internal stimuli. As this evolves, it’s useful to have frameworks within which to study our experiences. Not only do these frameworks give us a guide for making use of the new information self-awareness provides, but they also help us fine tune this sensitivity through exploration of new points of consciousness.

our solarsystemTo this end, exploring the parallels between the planets and the chakra system can be an extremely useful practice. Combining awareness of both external and internal stimuli, this framework gives us valuable insight into the state of our energetic body and how it’s affected by external cycles. Pairing each chakra with a planet, we can investigate the effects cosmic movement while simultaneously inquiring into our own energetic states.

Muladhara and Mars

Our base chakra, muladhara, is associated with the planet Mars. Mars influences our physical strength, offering us courage with an intense, childlike energy. As our root chakra, muladhara’s effects align well with this dynamic planet. We are strongest when we are at our most rooted. Feeling secure and grounded, we are able to follow our intuition, allowing us to be decisive as we seek out the most productive paths. With awareness of these parallels, we can study how the movements of Mars align with our personal experiences of muladhara chakra. With increased sensitivity, we can notice when we become uprooted, perhaps avoiding undesirable and reactive behaviors in the process.

Svadisthana and Mercury

Svadisthana chakra, located just between the pubic bone and navel, is ruled by capricious Mercury. In astrology, this planet represents intelligence and creativity, just as svadisthana represents our personal generative and creative powers. When Mercury is in retrograde, communication fails, technology glitches, and the best-laid plans go awry. When Mercury is on our side, however, our ability to build and create flourishes. Becoming aware of the cycles of this planet and allowing ourselves to be inquisitive about their energetic affects can offer interesting insights into our creative and productive lives.

Manipura and Jupiter

Jupiter guides our third chakra, center of our sense of self. A healthy manipura chakra positions us for generosity, establishing a strong sense of personal worth that allows us to give freely. Jupiter, likewise, is a generous planet. A sign of prosperity, it begets increase in all things. This can have both positive and negative effects. If our manipura chakra is imbalanced, our insecurities may lead us towards unproductive, even hurtful, action. If our manipura chakra is balanced, we have a base from which to be productive and loving in all of our interactions. Studying this propensity for increase in both this chakra and its corresponding planet allows us to evaluate the motivations of our actions and choose more productive paths.

Anahata and Venus

Our heart chakra, or anahata, is governed by Venus. Named for the goddess of love, this planet represents love, beauty, and harmony. Imbalance in this chakra may bring about disharmony in our lives, as we struggle to approach our interactions with love and compassion. Recognizing the patterns of this openhearted planet and the parallels with our own energetic experience allows us to investigate what in our lives may be blocking this important energy center.

Vishuddi and Saturn

Vishuddi chakra, located in the throat, governs our ability to speak our truth. Saturn, its corresponding planet, functions in the cosmos like a teacher, helping us grow in character. Throwing educational obstacles in our path, this planet helps us come into our power, growing into our fullest selves. As we develop our character, we gain the ability to effectively communicate. Understanding ourselves gives us the stability to speak and be heard. Investigating the connections between vishuddhi chakra and Saturn’s lessons can offer valuable insights into developing productive communication and moving through any feelings of isolation we may be experiencing.

Anja and The S U N

Situated right between the eyebrows, at the site of our third eye, ajna chakra has major effects on our mental acuity and our ego-self. It’s cosmic parallel, appropriately, is the sun. Astrologically, the position of the sun at our birth has a powerful effect on our personality, determining the “sun sign” that will form our foundational traits. As we move past our identifiers, towards a more universal identity, however, the ajna chakra dynamically opens. We become more discerning, letting go of conditioning and increasing the power of our intuition. By looking into the positioning of the sun in our charts, we can better determine what conditioning we start with, allowing us to move through ego towards a more open, intuitive perspective.

Sahasrara and The M O O N

Finally, we reach sahasrara chakra. Sitting on the top of the head, like a halo, sahasrara is the ruler of our spiritual wellbeing. Imbalances here will be felt on a deep emotional or intuitive level. As the gateway to enlightenment, opening this chakra reveals the way to our unconscious Self. It makes sense, then, that this chakra is governed by the intuitive, subtle power of the moon. The moon is, in many cultures, associated with the divine feminine, casting light on our emotive, intuitive selves. Growing sensitive to lunar cycles, as we do in Ashtanga yoga, we find insights into the state of our sahasrara chakra and our own evolutionary paths.

Like any framework, these parallels are only a guide. They provide a jumping off point towards cultivating and understanding the sensitivity developed in yoga practice. Paying attention to the external effects of the planets and the internal balance of our chakras, we gain valuable insights towards choosing more productive action, every day.

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