How To Create A Yoga Retreat At Home

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Creating a yogic space in your home Yoga retreats serve as a break from the mundane, stressful and often chaotic nature of everyday life. They are usually located in serene, remote locations such as by a Nicaraguan beach. This allows followers of yoga to fully disconnect with the modern world and tune back in with nature, the universe and their inner selves. But what about when you want to practice at home? Here’s how to recreate the feeling of a yoga retreat inside your own home. Selecting a room Yoga is best practiced in silence, away...

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5 Steps To Start Your Meditation Practice

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Let the meditation practice unfold over time To sit in meditation is not easy and that is the reason why we practice yoga-asanas first in the yoga teacher training before we sit down to meditate.  Meditation may be very difficult in the beginning as we are not used to the  process of “non-doing”.  All beginners are experiencing the same hardship more or less and with these easy to follow steps we hope to help you along the way to a fantastic meditation practice. ONE: Always keep your spine straight An upright posture helps you...

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Best Yoga Mat In Test 2017

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A yoga mat is the only equipment you really need Apart from a yoga mat you do not need any other equipment or special clothes when you commit to a regular yoga practice. Compared to other athletics or fitness activities a yoga practice requires a minimal investment, think about ice hockey, golf, alpinism or sailing for example where you need to spend hundreds of dollars, a yoga mat will only cost you between $10 – $100. A personal thing In yoga your biggest equipment investment is your yoga mat and it has to be chosen wisely. Your yoga...

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Yoga Teacher Training Away From Home

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When you fall in love with yoga, the first things that you’ll notice is a desire to share  the yoga practice with others. There are many different ways to do this. You can talk to your friends and family about it and invite them along with you to a yoga class. You can start a website or a blog, but one of the best ways to share yoga is by becoming a yoga instructor. There are two types of training that you can choose from: a local, at your yoga center, or a yoga teacher training away from home. Each type of teacher training has its...

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Yoga, Surf & Outdoor Retreat in Nicaragua

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Want to let go, have fun & recharge energy in a paradise right on the beach? In our globeseekers Surf, Outdoor & Yoga Retreat Nicaragua 2017 – we mix up fun Outdoor activities like learning to surf, snorkeling or hiking with Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, Yin Yoga, Acro Yoga, Thai Massage, Yoga Philosophy & Health Coaching. Connect with yourself & people from around the globe, eat healthy yummy food & let us show you the most beautiful spots around. For the first time we go back to our “roots”, to this beautiful spot, where...

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Yoga Poses For Restoration of Mind, Body And Soul

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Life never slows down, does it? With all the things that need to get done, it seems like we can never stop running. Life is a constant race, and sometimes it feels like we’re losing. We want (and need) time for ourselves, but many of us feel that the pressures of life do not allow us to take this time. However, despite the constant busyness, tiredness and defeat do not have to be a part of our lifestyle. It is essential that we take a moment recover and regain our energy on a daily basis. This time of quiet and restoration can be found...

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6 Ways To Use a Wall in Your Yoga Practice

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By: Sally Michell When we think of yoga props the first things that come to mind are usually yoga straps, blocks, and bolsters, and while these are among the most popular aids in deepening your practice, we often fail to take advantage of the props that are literally all around us: our walls! Also Yoga is one of the most effective exercises people can do to help skin to stay glowing. There are so many variety of poses that you can benefit from as yoga improves digestion and circulation. If you can incorporate yoga practice into your everyday...

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Yoga Position – Being Comfortable in the Right Position

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The meaning of the word “yoga” has become synonymous to the “physical discipline of being fit.” Despite this common conception, yoga’s primordial philosophical and spiritual concepts are still being practiced today through the different yoga positions. About Yoga Positions Today, yoga positions (also known as “asanas”) are recognized for instilling discipline when it comes to temperament. They are also recommended to help regulate a person’s respiratory process while soothing the mind in turmoil through deep meditation....

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7 Ayurvedic Tips To Boost Your Yoga Practice

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                                                            By Erin Moug Ayurveda And Yoga Are Sister Sciences. Ayurvedic Medicine is an ancient holistic healing system that originated in India, 4,000 years Before Christ. Translated it means The Knowledge, or Science of Life. Health is achieved when one lives in accordance with the universal rhythms of nature. The mentality is not a one-size fits all prescription for physical symptoms. The whole person is woven into consideration (physical, spiritual, and...

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Yoga For Pain Relief

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                                                                   By: Anne Foy While you’re doing your Ashtanga yoga teacher training here in Nicaragua, you’ll learn that yoga is capable of a lot more than you’d ever have thought possible. Best of all, you’ll learn how yoga works from the inside out, mobilizing your body’s own natural systems to fix problems. Because of its unique ability to bring mind and body in tune with each other, yoga can bring practitioners a whole new...

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