Best Yoga Mat In Test 2017

Posted by on Oct 25, 2017 in Yoga Asanas

A yoga mat is the only equipment you really need

Apart from a yoga mat you do not need any other equipment or special clothes when you commit to a regular yoga practice. Compared to other athletics or fitness activities a yoga practice requires a minimal investment, think about ice hockey, golf, alpinism or sailing for example where you need to spend hundreds of dollars, a yoga mat will only cost you between $10 – $100.

A personal thing

In yoga your biggest equipment investment is your yoga mat and it has to be chosen wisely. Your yoga mat is your temple. It is covering the ground on which you move and sweat but also where you cry and laugh, where you release your fears and limitations and open your heart to love and possibilities. A yoga mat is a very persona thing.

Chose eco friendly and disposable

Yoga is a spirutal practice even if we try to make it into a commodity. The tradition of yoga will continue long after we are gone and history shows us that the functionally of a mat will be the same when we look back at the development of yoga mats from deer skins to PVC to eco friendly rubber materials. A yoga mat will always be required and best yogic practice would be to chose a disposable mat.

What are you looking for?

Because of the necessity and importance of a good quality yoga mat you want to make sure you get the best one for you. There is no one fits all yoga mat that suits all type of yoga, situations and all types of people. You want to ask yourself what you are looking for before you buy. Are you looking for a mat to use at home, a sticky mat for vinyasa yoga or an easy to carry for travel or maybe you need several yoga mats for different occasions?

In this best yoga mat in test for 2017, have conducted an extensive investigation of 50 hours testing different types of mats and interviewing 10 professional yoga profiles. Not to our surprise the Manduka mat got the best score, to be more precise a type of Manduka called Manduka PROlite. The research concludes that if you are ready to spend $80 on a Manduka PROlite 180×60 cm you get a long time mat with perfect grip, comfort and portability.

If you are about to buy a new yoga mat please take the time to read the article and get all the important information before you buy.

Read the full article best yoga mat here.

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