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Edwin & Catarina Lacayo

Edwin och Catarina

Owner of It’s Yoga Stockholm 2004-2009

“Our mission is spreading the love for the yoga practice and offer yoga teacher trainings and yoga retreats for yoga students so they can get a deeper understanding of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga.”

We believe that by being in an environment in harmony with the nature one can bring a depth and authenticity to the yoga experience that is of great value for the personal development. Our mission statement, to spread the love for the yoga practice, ultimately comes down to taking yoga off the mat and cultivate a sense of seva (selfless service) especially if we wishes to teach yoga to others.

Since 2012 we have been involved in a partnership with the conservation organization Paso Pacifico in saving endangered animals and preserving fauna and flora in Ostional, Nicaragua. Our yoga teacher students plant trees, joining in the fight against deforestation and preserving the home of the howler monkeys and the endangered jaguar. They help in the local sea turtle nursery, assisting in the movement to protect and monitor these endangered animals at their most vulnerable. Students have served the community that has welcomed them to live and learn, cleaning the beach and the mangroves and working with local children to instill a respect for the earth in a new generation.

We invite you to come and practice here in Nicaragua together with us and to take active part in our Seva projects. Looking forward to seeing you soon on our next Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training.”


Ashtanga Yoga Nicaragua – pay it forward passion project in Ostional.

Yoga has brought Edwin and Catarina around the world

In 2009, Edwin and Catarina moved to Nicaragua to realize their dreams of building a yoga community in Edwin’s native country. They where previously the owners of It´s Yoga Stockholm, between 2003 – 2009, and they have a long experience of teaching Ashtanga yoga and running the Ashtanga yoga teacher training program. Since 2003 they have conducted more than 30 Ashtanga yoga teacher trainings, led more than 10 000 yoga classes and supported over 200 students in getting their international certifications with Yoga Alliance.

Edwin och Catarina

It’s Yoga Nica 2009 –


We teach what we practice

They both have a very open and compassionate teaching style. Sharing their long experience and knowledge in different fields related to the teaching of yoga. The space is always safe, free from critics and judgements – filled with laughter, fun and potential for growth.