The 4 Pillars of Sharing The Love For Ashtanga Yoga

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Passing on the Ashtanga Yoga Practice: Teaching From A Positive Space

DSC03774If you’re looking at this website, chances are good that you have an interest in teaching yoga. Somewhere along the line, you’ve experienced some aspect of the joy a yoga practice can bring into your life, and now you’re inspired to share it with others. We love that. Our Ashtanga yoga teacher trainings in Nicaragua are carefully crafted to give you the tools you need to follow your sharing impulse. Helping you help others discover yoga is what we do best.

It’s when you leave the nest of our little Nicaraguan paradise, however, that the really journey begins. Teaching yoga isn’t your typical occupation. It requires devotion and dedication – both of which can be swept away in the confusing maze of teaching this ancient practice in a Western, material, commercial world. These tips can help you teach with integrity, staying true to yourself and your yoga even when the world pressures you to do otherwise.

DSC03813# 1. Become a Conduit of your Ashtanga Yoga Lineage

Every teacher must be a student at some point. Ideally, in fact, yoga teachers remain students their entire life, in mindset if not in a classroom setting. In Indian tradition, the passing on of a practice from teacher to student is called parampara. This Sanskrit word can be translated as continuation, signifying a never-ending stream of knowledge that runs from teacher to student.

The beauty of this river of knowledge, flowing down the line, is that it creates integrity over generations of teaching. By teaching as your teacher taught you, knowing that she teaches as her teacher taught her, you find yourself with a reliable framework in which to share the practice. Honor your teachers by becoming a conduit for their teaching. Letting this stream of knowledge flow through you, you remove any sense of ego from your teaching – saving you from temptations that may sway the integrity of your teaching.

 DSC03804# 2. Teach From a Point of Selflessness

Each and every one of us is but a raindrop in the ocean of yoga. That is not to say that your efforts to share this practice are in vain; every life you touch adds to a growing web of consciousness, improving the world one life at a time. Still, recognizing how big the tradition of yoga is can be both an inspiring and humbling influence on your teaching practice. Gone is the need to re-invent the yoga wheel. Surrendering into this long reaching tradition is enough to enliven and empower your teaching while imbuing it with selfless intention.

NicaNov-155# 3. Practice What You Preach

Teach what you practice and practice what you teach then practice, practice, practice. Your practice will ground you as you teach, giving you a constant touchstone to return to. Your self practice gives you permission to teach. It’s key to maintain a personal practice. First, consistent mat-time helps maintain your own sense of studenthood and continued evolution. Just as importantly, it reminds you just how powerful this practice is, informing your impulse to serve the yoga as you share in the classroom.

 DSC03782# 4. Teach From a Space of Gratitude

In some way, yoga has changed your life for the better. If it hadn’t, you wouldn’t be inspired to share it to others. Remind yourself every day, every time you step on a mat or in front of a class, how grateful you are to this life changing practice. Making your teaching practice an offering of gratitude infuses it with positive, growth-conducive intentions. Gratitude begets humility and selflessness. Teaching from a space of gratitude, we also teach from a space of service – removing ego and simply offering what we know the best we can. It is when we do this, simply and selflessly, that we offer the practice in greatest purity, sharing with others the joy that inspired us to teach in the first place.

(All photos taken in Ostional, Nicaragua)

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