Rocket Retreat March 13 – 17

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Rocket Retreat March 13 – 17

5 Days Intense Rocket Yoga Retreat in Ostional, Nicaragua with Marie Hajjar Russel, It’s Yoga International Chair.

Marie spent 7 years serving It’s Yoga San Fransisco as an instructor, studio manager, training director and partner to Larry Schultz. She has had the honor of sitting next to Larry in over 40 trainings, and each day lives in gratitude for the many gifts her marriage and practice with Larry has bestowed on her life. It is with this sense of love that she continues to share the gifts of It’s Yoga with the international community and travels the globe to practice and play with the It’s Yoga Family. Her style is sweet, strong and wise  as she extends the benefits of Rocket Vinyasa Yoga. She is based in Toledo, Ohio where she opened It’s Yoga Toledo in March of 2012.

Marie is now visiting us in Nicaragua for the first time and you can be a part of this very exciting moment. Reserve your place here.

Rocket Retreat package 5 days $950 includes:

    • Accommodation in Ostional village in different  family homes, in an added on room with private bathroom for 6 nights. We recommend participants arrive 12 Mars in the evening.
    • wo meals a day, breakfast and dinner. We offer vegetarian as well as fish and sea food options.
    • 1 Morning Rocket Yoga class for 5 days. Starting  Mars 13.
    • 1 Sunset Rocket Yoga class for 5 days, last class Mars 17.
    • Night excursions to see sea turtles.
    • Hiking, horse back riding and other wild life adventures.
    • Surfing is an additional fee. Pre-book board rentals and instructor for $20 per day.

A typical day in Ostional

Nica breakfastsurf OstionalRoom Ostional





5.00 am  Sounds of the nature (roosters and the sea) along with the village starting its day may wake you up. It is still dark outside but you sense the sun on the rice once again. If you are a early bird and like surfing now is the time to catch some waves before breakfast. Or you just go back to sleep :) zzzzz

7.00 am Breakfast will be served at 7.00 for those who want a first breakfast before yoga practice. You will be living in the village of Ostional together with the locals and will walk across the beach towards the yoga rancho. This is one of the most beautiful moments during the day, the sun is rising and you are one with the ocean and the wild life.

8.30 am Morning Rocket Yoga class includes shanting, meditation and pranayama.

10.30 am “Second breakfast Frodo Bagger style” with lots of tropical fruits. After a some fellowship with your fellow practitioners it is time to experience the town or hang out on the beach.  Lunch is available in the village. There are several places that serves home cooked Nicaraguan food – very cheep. Count on $5 for a lunch.

1.00 pm Afternoon activities in the wild like: snorkeling, hiking, surfing or horse back riding. This is surprise time, you never know what is going to happen if you are in for some adventures. If you are more the sunbathing type, the beach is right here to chill and soak up the sun!

4.30 pm Sunset Rocket  Yoga class.

6.00 pm Dinner on the beach with the Milky Way shining in the sky. Storytelling time and maybe we will meet one or several turtles if we are lucky. Before we are to tired to walk we stroll home in the dark across the beach with our flashlights leading the way to the room. It is needless to say you will sleep peacefully after a fun day in Nicaragua.

Nica lunchplaya CocoSunset

The village is one of the most beautiful spots in the world.  Be informed though, that sometimes there is no electricity or water.  The It’s Yoga Nicaragua staff is well known in the village and our local friends are going to do our best to see to it that you have every thing you need to be happy, safe and comfortable.   You will return home after an enriching life experience from your visit in Ostional. There are not many places like this on the planet!

 New to Rocket? Read more here

What is the Rocket?

Larry Schultz, who created the world-famous Rocket Series, was looking for a way to make the practice of Ashtanga accessible to a Western practitioner.

Unlike much of the Vinyasa Flow and Power Yoga offered in the Yoga world, Larry’s system was informed by over nine years of dedicated Ashtanga practice with his teacher, Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, the founder of Ashtanga Yoga. The routines are intelligently structured to open the body in a natural way and work through the joints systematically.

While the series take on a new form, they retain the same core principles of Ashtanga- breath, bandhas and drishti. Inside of the Rocket routines, you will find a template, a core sequence, that always exists.

The Rocket I reorders, but closely follows, the traditional Primary Series of Ashtanga.

The Rocket II follows the Second Series, and the Rocket III brings the I and II together for an invigorating 90 poses in 90 minutes.

Traditionally in Ashtanga, you progress in a linear fashion, receiving poses as your teacher allows them. The Rocket takes away the hierarchy of this system and empowers practitioners of all levels with access to postures found in the more advanced Ashtanga series.

This innovation earned Larry the reputation as the “Bad Man of Ashtanga,” a fact he loved to share with the thousands of people who fell in love with the Rocket, and Ashtanga, through his teaching.

A principle of this practice, and the practice of Ashtanga, is that repetition brings success. This is not an aphorism, it is the truth. When you commit to this practice, you will come to know the sequences. Over time, you become able to guide yourself through the practice rather than having a dependency upon a teacher. Rather than an exercise routine that values spontaneity, Yoga can become an inward journey when you’re not waiting to find out from someone else what’s next.

Hot Yoga is also extremely popular, but we know that you can learn to stoke your own internal fire with your breath. We like to create sweat organically, and we can teach you how to build the heat from the inside out. Anybody can sweat in a hot room.

Though the Rocket has a reputation for being challenging, it is accessible to everyone. Showing up to the mat with a spirit of humility, a willingness to look within and work through whatever comes up is going to positively transform every aspect of your life, in ways you may not even perceive in the beginning. The commitment that will serve you best is three days a week.

Your mind will make so many excuses why you can’t do it today, but just commit to showing up. Once you start moving, the practice takes care of itself and you leave feeling better than when you came in every single time.

There is nothing you have to accomplish. You just show up, breathe, do your best and let the Yoga do you.


Ostional 2Why Nicaragua and Ostional?

When you visit us in Ostional you are in for a special adventure. You will not only experience the power  and connection of practicing yoga in nature, close to the sea and the waves but you will also live in an authentic fishing village side by side with the indigenous people. You will have the opportunity to get to know and share stories with the locals, live in their houses and contribute  in their daily life.

If you are looking for a genuine experience in life this is for you! To practice being open minded and to relax and go with the flow. If you love to be of service to others and if you are a person who would like to make a contribution to the Ostional community with your kindness, and generosity of spirit.  This is an incredible opportunity to practice true yoga off the mat.

How do I get to Ostional?

We start the training the 13:th of Mars, so you want to book you ticket arriving at Managua airport (MGA) the 12:th.

From the airport (MGA) you go to San Juna del Sur (2,5 h). You have many transportation options but we recommend

From San Juan del Sur we will pick you up and take you to Ostional (another 40 minutes).


Yes I want to book my spot in the Rocket retreat with Marie Hajja!

Package Price $950 (see detailed description on what is included in the package abow on this page)

Be sure to go through step 1-4 for securing your spot in the training.

1. Reserve your space by filling out this CONTACT FORM

2. Wait for a confirmation e-mail from Its Yoga Nica

3. Pay your package via PayPal

4. Wait for a second confirmation e-mail from Its Yoga Nica. You will also get important information in this e-mail.

Ostional 1Ostional 3Ostional 4Ostional 5Ostional 6Ostional 8Ostional 9Ostional Marso 119Ostional 1 Mayo 018


  1. when is your next 200h yoga teacher trianing?

    • Hi Chrystal, I took a while to arrange everything perfectly but now we are ready to kick off with three dates for tt s this year.
      11 July – 3 August

  2. The first It’s Yoga school opened in San Francisco in 1989 to teach Ashtanga Yoga in the tradition of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois of Mysore, India. Larry Schultz, the founder of It’s Yoga, practiced yoga for over 3o years and was the first to develop one of the most progressive and challenging routines based on the first 3 series of classical Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. Born during his time teaching yoga to the Grateful Dead during 1990-1994, “The Rocket,” his signature practice brought the advanced poses of Ashtanga to beginners allowing for modifications and shifting the classical philosophy that one pose had to be completed perfectly before the next was given. His style was based on the fact that we were Westerns practicing an Eastern Science, through a Western perspective, so the practice had to be fun and accessible to beginners, while having the power to download the benefits of this ancient and health-enhancing practice. This vibrant routine is called the “Rocket” because, “it gets you there faster.”The Rocket is designed to wake up the nervous system and feed it the precious prana it craves while promoting a spirit of change and freedom in the practice.

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