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Next Yoga Teacher Training in Nicaragua

April 6 – 29, 2015, OSTIONAL*************** May 17 – June 8, BIG CORN ISLAND*********** July 2 – 25, OSTIONAL

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Rocket Yoga

 Rocket has a reputation for being challenging, it is accessible to everyone. Showing up to the mat with a spirit of humility, a willingness to look within and work through...

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Why Yoga in Nicaragua?

This is the place for special people looking for an extraordinary experience in harmony with nature. Yoga lovers looking to deepen their yogic experience together with like minded...

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Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training

“The Mission of It’s Yoga is to share the love of the practice” – Larry Schultz – We invite you to become a member of our It’s Yoga community and spread the love...

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Dana DiponioYoga Teacher Training in Nicaragua

” I laughed, I cried…and I did handstand! What an experience this has been! There are not enough kind words to describe Edwin and Catarina. Not merely our hosts and teachers, but they have grown to feel like a part of my family. They are amazing humans with hearts as big as Nicaragua! What they have created in Ostional, Nicaragua is truly one of a kind.A teaching/learning space where you are surrounded by nature at it’s finest, and people with hearts of gold.

Each practice is peaceful and tranquil, while set to a soundtrack of singing birds and crushing waves. Catarina and Edwin have gone above and beyond, and they nourish us from the inside out. They shower us with fresh, healthy and delicious food. I feel very blessed to have been a part of the It’s Yoga training. Not only will I leave here with a greater understanding and love for yoga, but I also take with me a stronger sense of the person I want to be. OM SHANTI ” 

Dana, Canada –  YTT 2014

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